Know the Hull Truth About Deck Boat Stability (And Their Secure Features!)

Know the Hull Truth About Deck Boat Stability (And Their Secure Features!)

Have a seat. Learn about the best deck boat chairs on the market.

Having the right kind of chairs on your deck boat is key to any successful seafaring expedition.

Why's that? Well, not only do certain chairs lend themselves to particular activities (more on that later), but the comfort of the captain and crew should always be top-of-mind. You wouldn't want to spend hours sitting on a lousy folding chair, would you?

When it comes to deck boat chairs, though, that's the kicker. They come in many different shapes and sizes, even some you probably didn't know existed!

So take the load off and let me demonstrate the world of chairs, seats and general comfort aboard your deck boat.

Do Deck Boat Chairs Matter?

Of course your deck boat chairs matter!

One of the key selling features of a deck boat is the room. In that same vein, deck boats come in so many configurations that the world's your oyster when it comes to available seating options.

Ask yourself: What do you need your deck boat to do? Do you simply want to host parties in the summer or take friends on thrill-seeking adventures? Do you merely want to go fishing for a few hours each morning?

Each consideration unlocks its own world of opportunities and will determine the deck boat chair type you need.

The bottom line is that owning a deck boat is all about entertaining, and you need to have the chairs to match.

The Best Deck Boat Chairs Available

The Best Standard Deck Boat Chairs

Need something basic and standard? These are some options when it comes to the best chairs for deck boats.

Bucket Boat Seats

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Seamander Captain Bucket Seat,Sport Flip Up Seat (White/Blue)






With bucket seats, you know what you're getting. These seats are the definition of comfort and are especially useful as deck boat chairs when used at high speeds.

Their design makes it easier to lay back and enjoy the ride, whether trolling for fish or cruising skiers around. They often come with boosters, which ensures improved visibility for passengers and the captain alike.

While they're a more expensive option, bucket seats are great for long days spent on the boat, especially when using the full extent of your deck boat's power.

If you're more the social butterfly and want boat parties, though, you might not have as much need for these. These chairs are definitely for those who enjoy their deck boat's horsepower or who love nothing more than wake boarding or tubing on the lake.

Fishing Boat Seats

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Wise 8WD588PLS-664 Standard High Back Seat, Grey/Charcoal





To spend hours out on the water looking for fish, you want to remain comfortable. Fishing boat seats are made for exactly that, with high-back styles to lean back and take in the views while casting lines off.

Consider these types of deck boat seats as a sort of helm upgrade, with armrests, high-impact frames and scuff resistance.

Last, but certainly not least, is a fishing boat seat's swivel feature. You can recline, move around and optimize the visibility you need to have a successful day out on the water.

Pontoon Boat Seats

Due to their similar configurations, deck boat chairs in the pontoon style are a great option for those who want a bit of comfort (without the frills). The best part about these types of seats is their versatility: They can be back-to-back or easily flipped into storage for things like life jackets, extra dock line and boat fenders. And they're offered as corner options and traditional benches.

The Fun Deck Boat Chairs

How about something a little bit more out of the box? Here are some fun deck boat chair and accessory ideas to consider.

Foot Cush Anti-Fatigue Boating Deck Mat

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FootCush Anti-Fatigue Boating Deck Mat





What if you just prefer to stand as the captain? While it's not a seat, per se, this is definitely in the spirit of things. An anti-fatigue mat can help keep you on your toes (literally) while you're out on the water. If you would prefer not to sit, or at least want the option to stand, this is a great place to start.

Marine Bean Bag Chair

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E-SeaRider Armchair Marine Beanbag, Medium, White/Royal




Ready to re-live your teenage years and feel like the '80s never ended? Then the best thing you can do is invest in this marine bean bag chair so that you can remain snug and cozy no matter where you are.

How would it feel to cast a line from the comfort of a bean bag chair? There's only one way to find out.

Crestliner Hammock

This might just be the pinnacle of luxury.It also might be the best option out of all the deck boat chairs I've mentioned today.

A hammock for your boat? It definitely exists, and it's easy enough to set up that you or your guests can be living in the lap of luxury while feeling the waves beneath.

All you have to do is attach it from side to side with some handy clasps and you're ready to go.

Keep in mind, though, that it takes up a lot of room and might be better suited as a day-date accessory for a relaxing time out on the water.

Maintaining Your Deck Boat Chairs

What's the point of investing in awesome deck boat chairs if you don't take care of them? This reminds me of a story:

A friend was out on the water with his buddies for a day of fishing in the summer sun. After a couple hours on the water, some of the guests began complaining of an odor. They blamed it on the fish, the packed lunches and even the captain's socks.

After some investigating, they discovered mold growing on the deck boat chairs. Basically, the captain wasn't doing his job ensuring his chairs were protected. When he put his boat away in storage (in his private drive shed), the boat became subject to animals, vermin and all sorts of nastiness.

Needless to say, the day was spoiled by the notorious smell. 

How do you ensure this doesn't happen to you?

The smartest preventative measure is to invest in deck boat covers. It's a small price to pay, but it ensures that no matter where you store your boat, the chairs are going to be safe from the elements.

At the same time, ensure you're washing down your chairs after a day spent out on the water. This prevents sweat and sunscreen from accumulating and keeps chairs fresh. Typically, this can be done with a simple cleaner like boat soap, but it's best to follow the directions on the chair itself. 

 Featured Boat Care Product


  Mildew Stain Remover

Check Price on Amazon - If you do happen to find some mold or mildew (it happens to the best of us), a product like Better Boat's Mildew Stain Remover is an excellent option. You can keep that science fair petri dish at bay with a quick spritz. 

It's safe for vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, canvas and tile/grout. The best part? It leaves a protective barrier to prevent future stains. 

Take a Seat Today

Spending time on your deck boat is supposed to be fun, but more importantly, it's supposed to be relaxing.

Investing in proper deck boat chairs can ensure you're having maximum fun on the water. Make sure to invest in the right chairs for you and even have some fun with it!

Just remember to take care to clean and store your chairs to avoid any unpleasant surprises.