Our Better Boat Hull Cleaner Featured in Coastal Angler Magazine!

Yes, that's right, friends. The Better Boat has been featured in Coastal Angler Magazine and we cannot be more stoked! 

The star of the feature is our Instant Hull Cleaner which as the article says "really works as described". 

Check out the full article below from Coastal Angler Magazine and a big shout out to Jeff Hamm for writing the piece.

"Late afternoon showers create a great opportunity for you to go up a creek where fresh water is flowing into the lake creating oxygen. With that oxygen infusion, the baitfish move in. When the baitfish move in, the bass are not far behind. What a great opportunity to catch this bass crankbait, jerkbait or spinnerbait. Unfortunately, as you go up the creek, the water tends to be muddy or stained. Overtime, your bass boat will develop an unsightly mud line.


There have been a lot of articles written and a lot of videos on YouTube talking about how to clean the mud line off your boat. One of the most important questions you must ask yourself before you take on this project is, will it be safe for my gelcoat? Yes, you can use toilet bowl cleaner, and there are many other products on the market that claim to clean the mud line off your boat with some elbow grease. For me, toilet bowl cleaner stays in the toilet, because it's designed to clean ceramic, not fiber glass.


I have found a product that was specifically designed to remove the mud line off your boat without any elbow grease at all. It is called The Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner. This product really works as described and is specifically designed for use on your fiberglass boat. You literally spray this on the mud line without washing, rinsing or anything, wait approximately two minutes, and then hit it with a pressure washer, and the mud line disappears making your boat look brand new.


I have included some before and after pics of my boat that had a year-old mud line on it. I have not washed or waxed my boat prior to or after using The Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner.  Now the mud line is off, I can proceed with washing and detailing the entire boat."



To learn more about The Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner and all of their products, visit their website: www.thebetterboat.com or contact them at 1-800-571-6166.


Thank you Coastal Angler Magazine for the feature! As a small family owned business, it warms our hearts to read such kind words and be seen. It feels more like a pat on the back saying we've done a good job. Just as what we needed to keep on grinding. 


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