Indulge the Need for Speed: Yes, Fast Pontoon Boats Exist

Pontoon boats are excellent at many advantages and activities.

They carry lots of passengers, accessories and make a stable platform for anchoring out, swimming and relaxing.

They offer tons of seating space, and some even have kitchens and bar areas for entertaining.

The one feature pontoon boats are historically not famous, however? Speed.

In fact, it’s one main reason I no longer own a pontoon. My teen decided she wanted to “go fast.”

(Full disclosure: This pontoon boat pulled tubes, just apparently not fast enough to please the teenager crowd.)

Well, don’t let memories of your grandfather’s pontoon boat, or my teen’s need for speed, sway you from a pontoon’s comforts and conveniences. In recent years, the pontoon boat has stepped up to compete with its faster counterparts. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by swift-moving pontoon boats numerous times while out on the lake. Now, you can even use pontoon boats in the ocean.

Characteristics of Fast Pontoon Boats

  • Single or twin engines — While twin engines will definitely up the speed factor, many fast pontoon boats can get up to high speeds with a single engine.
  • Lifting strakes — These long fin-shaped metal pieces are welded onto your pontoon tubes’ sides. As the name says, they provide lift to make the boat glide over the water rather than being bogged down by it. Some pontoon boats come with them already installed. If yours doesn’t, you can have aftermarket lifting strakes installed on your boat. Diehard DIY enthusiasts may want to tackle this on their own. Personally, I prefer the skill and experience (not to mention patience) of a professional.
  • Center pontoon — Technically making it a tritoon, center toons create added speed.
  • Aluminum windshields — In addition to being strong, the lightweight aspect of aluminum boat windshields makes it a great choice for added speed.
  • Ski tow bars — The mere presence indicates speed, right?

Models of Fast Pontoon Boats

Wondering exactly where to begin your search for fast pontoon boats? Here are a few makes and models. At speeds over 50 mph, they more than qualify as a fast pontoon boat.

Avalon Ambassador Entertainer


The Avalon Ambassador Entertainer is the luxury sedan of the pontoon boat world. Sleek and shiny, it features solid aluminum walls, chrome logos, teak-inspired decks and a sporty black Bimini top. I’m partial to the on-deck, below-deck and tabletop LED lighting.

True to its name, the Entertainer has a bar, plush seating, high-tech electronics and a state-of-the-art stereo system. Captain comforts include Seastar hydraulic tilt steering, a raised helm and a Garmin GPS. Skiers, swimmers and wakeboarders will appreciate the ski tow bar, rear telescoping ladder and extended rear swim deck. Three Waveglider pontoons with high-performance lifting fins help send this pontoon boat to 40+ mph speeds.

Top Speed: 40+ mph

Seats/Weight: 16/2,230

Length: 29.3

Bennington Q27


The words “sleek” and “sporty” are not often used when describing a pontoon boat. A sport fishing boat? Sure. A speedboat? Definitely. But rarely a pontoon boat. Unless, that is, we’re talking about the Bennington Q27.

Plush seating, a 10-foot beam and a spacious layout make it as comfortable as it’s fast.  It has twin Yamaha F250 outboards and can reach 50 mph. The Elliptical Sport Package has power-assisted hydraulic steering and twin cranking batteries.

Lifting strakes on the pontoons provide stability in rough water as well as smooth turning for towing skiers, wakeboarders and tubers. A raised helm is nice for extra visibility while towing. One super fun feature is color-changing LED lighting around and underneath the boat. The vinyl seagrass floor makes for an easy-to-clean, but textured, surface (less slippage, in other words). I know, floors aren’t exactly the most interesting boat feature, but I found its vinyl seagrass intriguing.

Top Speed: 50mph

Seats: 18

Length: 28.3 feet

Berkshire Sport RFX9 3.0+


Any boat with a sport arch has to be fast, right? The Berkshire Sport RFX9 3.0+ does more than just cruise the waterways with its high hp engine and entertainment features. It has a 300hp single engine Mercury Verado to reach 50 mph speeds. Four stepped lifting strakes combine with two outside spray rails and three 25-inch diameter tubes to provide lift, performance and control.

I’m especially fond of the Bimini top, which is mounted to the sport arch. If you’re into watersports, you’ll appreciate the extended stern deck, boarding ladder and Sport Ski Tow. The arch has a combo light/tow pylon, and the raised helm has excellent visibility for towing. The jamming audio system has interior, exterior aft and aft facing Kicker speakers.

Top Speed: 50mph

Seats/Weight: 14/2,025 lbs.

Length: 25.7 feet

Harris Crowne DL 250


As easy on the eyes as it’s fast on the water. Seen from the side, it’s hard to even tell it’s a pontoon boat. This is what James Bond would own if he ever ditches his Aston Martin. Topping at 60+ mph, it’s sure to satisfy any adrenaline junkie’s need for speed (whether they’re Secret Service or not).

With a sporty arch, swooping lines and a 400 hp engine, it pulls any tube or wakeboard you toss behind it. There’s a center tube to provide higher horsepower capacity and a large swim platform for easy water access.

Teak tabletops, lighted cupholders, flip up cleats and under deck LED lighting are just a few amenities offered on this fast pontoon boat. Luxury features include tilt steering, plush upholstery, a bar and a wine cellar.

Very Bond-like, I must say. Now, where’s my boat’s invisibility cloak and jetpack?

Top Speed: 60+ mph

Seats: 13

Length: 27.2 feet

PlayCraft Powertoon X-Treme


Speed, performance and a smooth ride with its twin 400hp Mercury Racing outboards. It has an X-Treme Surface Piercing Nose on each of the three pontoons. I don’t know about you, but “surface piercing” sounds pretty dang fast to me.

It has unique U-shaped pontoons that provide lift and enhanced control. There are plenty of couches and bucket helm chairs for the whole crew to enjoy a day on the water. Handy steps are built right into the tubes for easy entry after swimming, tubing or skiing. This feature alone makes the PlayCraft worth its weight in gold in my opinion.

Top Speed: 60 mph

Seats/Weight: 15/3,000 lbs.

Length: 27.5 feet

How to Increase Speed on Your Pontoon Boat

If you like adding some adrenaline to your pontoon outings, but don’t relish the new boat price tag just yet, here are a few tips to increase the speed factor.

  • Trim up the engine.
  • Purchase a higher horsepower engine.
TurboSwing Ski Tow Bar
  • Elevates the tow rope above the wake, provides smooth consistent pulls and can improve towing power up to 20 horsepower
  • Features a stainless steel tow bar with mounting clamps that attach directly to your existing outboard motor bracket
  • Enables the rope to smoothly travel from side to side resulting in less effort and better performance
  • Turbo Swing can be mounted to virtually any outboard powered boat
  • Great for: inflatables, runabouts, cabin boats and pontoons
SPORTSSTUFF Towable Booster Tube Yellow, Red, Black, Dimensions inflated (38in x 28in) deflated (45in x 36in)
  • Booster Ball Towing system designed to enhance the performance of one to four-person towable tubes
  • System includes 4K Booster Ball and custom tow rope; overall tow length of 60 feet with Booster Ball
  • Heavy-gauge PVC bladder; heavy-duty full nylon cover; reinforced tow system
  • Patented speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation
  • Hybrid system reduces rope drag, absorbs shock, and improves fuel economy
  • Install lifting strakes. These fin-shaped metal pieces go on the boat’s sides and bottom to create lift and allow the boat to glide over the surface.
  • Install a hydrofoil. Essentially a third pontoon tube placed in the middle, the Pontoon Water Glide is a great choice. It provides lift and floatation by reducing the amount of boat body in the water. The more boat treading water, the more drag.

Whether you wanna ski, tube or just crank up your pontoon’s pep, I hope this helps you in your quest for a fast pontoon boat.

See you on the water!

Sandy Allen is a freelance writer based in Richmond, Virginia. Her specialties range from hotels, islands and yacht charters to theme parks and family fun. She enjoys boating, snorkeling and jet-skiing along the waterways of Virginia, Florida and North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Follow her adventures at Somewhere in the Sand.