Pontoon Windshields: How to Choose a Windshield, Rain Shield or Enclosure

The windshield is a surprisingly important piece of your pontoon.

Just think how much harder it would be to navigate turbulent waters, and ride against heavy winds and rains.

In the old days, you had to head to your local boating shop to replace your windshield and gather all the materials to clean and protect it.

Nowadays—well, you’ll probably still want a professional touch for the actual material choice and windshield installation.

But DIY types can find everything they need online, and everyone else can grab their smaller, additional accessories on the internet too.

Here, we’ll walk you through choosing the right pontoon windshield if you’re going DIY, how to choose a rain shield (if you’re going a little smaller) and how to maintain all of these things for the long term.

The Guide to Pontoon Windshields

1. Go with the Classic Plexiglass Windshield

To start, you need to focus on getting the right pontoon windshield for your particular boat.

You want to clearly see through your windshield, stay protected from the elements and debris, plus have something that’s built to last.

Marine Mooring is a brand most boaters already trust, so that’s what I’ll recommend. They’ve created numerous pontoon accessories, including this plexiglass windshield (check price on Amazon). The measurements are 3/16″ and it’s the right fit for most standard pontoon center consoles.

These striking windshields add a custom look to any pontoon, so they allow you stand out among other avid boaters on the water.

You may have a particular preference as to how a windshield should look on your pontoon, so find what works best for you.

If you’ve got the tools, the skills and the time, you can use any plexiglass sheet of choice (like this heavy-duty option on Amazon) to cut, bend and install your own custom windshield.

With a little know-how, you can even install window wipers (check prices on West Marine) on your pontoon windshield as well.

If the windshield is installed on your center console, make sure you have a center console cover to protect the whole kit and kaboodle, like this Taylor Made option (check price on Amazon).

Taylor Made Products 80420 80420 Boat Seats & Console Covers Boating Hardware & Maintenance Supplies
  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Expertly made from premium materials
  • Built to match your exact Requirements
  • Built to match your exact Requirements

For a T-Top, you’ll need a specially-cut option, like this one (check price on Amazon).

Taylor Made Products 67852OB Universal T-Top Center Console Cover, Blue, 48 x 60 x 66 Inch, Trailerable
  • Secured to the underside of the fixed T-Top structure
  • Will enclose any size console, helm seat and T-Top support combination with a maximum base perimeter (at the deck) of 18' or less
  • Adjustable straps allow the cover to conform to most console configurations.
  • Boats with smaller consoles and T-Tops can also cover and protect the helm seats
  • Heavy duty marine grade zipper allows easy installation and removal

 2. Consider a Bimini Top Rain Shield

Rain is an inevitable form of weather we face throughout our entire boating lives.

A few unfortunate boating days are bound to turn rainy, wet and even fierce. It’s our responsibility to make sure we’re taking all of the necessary precautions to maintain proper visibility.

One cool option is to hook a rain shield up to your T-Top. For example, if you’ve got the Dolphin Pro2 T-Top (check price on Amazon), a very popular option for center consoles, then you can pair it with the fitted weather enclosure (check price on Amazon).

Dolphin Pro S2 T-TOP Black Canopy, Anodized Aluminum for Center Console Fishing Boats
  • Quick Release T-Top Center Console Boat Fishing Tower
  • Fits Consoles up to 47 inches
  • Center Console Alloy or fibreglass 18ft to 25ft
  • Attaches directly to the floor and 4 x standoffs lock into console.
  • 2 inch heavy duty black coated 6063 alloy frame.

If that’s not your particular T-Top, then you can try out this universal rain shield by Oceansouther.

There’s a huge variety beyond this offered by Marine Mooring. Their full pontoon enclosures and rain shields will keep you—and everyone else on board—safe and sound in a rainstorm.

For instance, the Marine Mooring rain shield is made with 20-gauge, clear, marine plastic and gray polyester framing, and it attaches easily to your existing Bimini or hard top with turnbuckles and snaps. It’s difficult to move, even by the most ferocious weather conditions.

You can also consult our full guide to pontoon enclosures here!

3. Get Your Replacement Windshield Support Bars

Once you’ve got your plexiglass windshield, it’s time to ensure it’s well supported.

The last thing you want happening, when trying to get back to the marina in a rainstorm, is for your windshield to become unlatched. Nobody wants to go home in a messy, soggy pontoon.

Make sure you have replacement windshield support bars on board, just in case.

are anodized aluminum with nylon fittings, with chrome-plated zamak feet, and sold in single units. The standard bars are 16 inches in length, but they do come in various sizes.

These are often overlooked, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned by going through repairs, it’s this: an ounce of prevention worth 10 gallons of rainwater flooding your deck.

4. Arm Yourself with Glass Cleaner

Remember, keeping your windshield clean is half the battle when fighting against the elements.

Did you know that being caked with an excessive amount of dirt and grime can make your windshield susceptible to cracks and breaks?

So it’s not just about avoiding having a dirty windshield the captain can’t see through—it’s about having a cracked pontoon windshield that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Yup, you can fix a cracked windshield with a little elbow grease.

But it’s better to avoid having to be this creative.

First things first, get yourself a windshield cover. Whenever the windshield is not in use, cover it right up. This TruXedo windshield cover (see on Cabela’s) is a cool, functional option for larger boat windshields.

While you’re towing your boat, be sure to keep your windshield protected from rocks that kick up from the road, and from underneath your car’s tires. The Kikn’ Rox Rock Shield is a handy invention to do just that.

. It’s relatively inexpensive and comes in a few different formats—aerosol, wipes and spray—each of which has its own unique purpose. The aerosol application cleans all glass surfaces, including your windows, and it may be used on plastic, which means you’re able to clean your rain shield with this cleaner too.

The package I’ve linked you to above comes with a little hand cloth, but I’d also recommend a reach cleaner like this one (check price on Amazon). It makes cleaning that much easier if you’ve got a large windshield on your boat, or if you happen to be short.

So, you’ve got all of the windshield options and accessories you need, my friends.

All we’re looking to do is boat safely along.

Keep our pontoons looking clean, sparkly and shiny.

And maybe keep the bugs out of our teeth along the way.

Making sure you have a sturdy, clean windshield and the accessories to maintain it is the best first step to achieve all of these things.

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