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11 Fun Boat Accessories to Create a Floating Party Paradise

11 Fun Boat Accessories to Create a Floating Party Paradise

On a beautiful day, what's better than spending time afloat on your boat with friends? A favorite pastime of mine is to take out the boat, submerge the anchor for the day, then swim, eat and drink with my favorite people.

However, a boat itself doesn't supply enough amenities to entertain for the day. If you're a born entertainer, it's important to stock up on the right boating accessories to create the perfect party on the water for you and your guests. I've lined up some of my favorite party boat add-ons to optimize your time on the lake, ocean or bay for $299 or less!

Boys and Grills

Every beach and boat party requires food and drink. While you can always bring pre-made sandwiches, nothing impresses the company more than some quality grillables. Here are some options for stepping up your aquatic hangout from a floating picnic to a grade-A marine cookout.


1. Magma Marine Kettle 3, Combination Stove, Gas Grill and Oven

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My husband and I spend most of our summer on the water. I'm talking full days spent fishing, swimming and simply relaxing on our vessel. So, by the end of one summer, we started getting sick of eating the same old sandwiches every Saturday and Sunday.

Not to mention, the bread always got soggy and the contents never stayed cold during our 12-hour excursions.

Therefore, we invested in a Magma stove and gas grill. This changed our seafaring lives! Sub-par, mushy sandwiches for dinner no more!

This grill is truly awesome. The best on the market. It heats up fast and evenly, plus, its outer shell and handle both stay pretty cool, so you don't need to worry about melting anything other than the cheese on your burgers.

You can buy disposable, propane-filled canisters, and each one will last you several days of grilling. Once it's set up, sit back, relax and bite into your freshly-prepared meals on the way.

Just keep in mind that you do need to buy a mount these are sold separately because you'll need to choose the right one for your boat.The good news is there are tons of different options depending on your preference.

You can get a mount that fits into a fishing rod holder (check price on Amazon), clamps onto a rail or a flush deck socket mount which connects the grill directly to your boat's deck or swim platform(check price on Amazon).

I'd also recommend buying a shore stand (check price on Amazon here)so that you can BBQ by land or sea!

For those who have larger boats and enjoy hosting multiple guests, the Magma stove and gas grill also comes in a party-sized option, which is a little more expensive, but definitely worth it! The shore stand will support either size.

2. Magma - Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill

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While I personally prefer Magma's gas grill, some people prefer the good old-fashioned charcoal grill. I find it messier, but I know there are a lot of folks out there who like the taste and process of charcoal-grilled food best.

Regardless of your reasoning, if you prefer grilling with charcoal, Magma still has the perfect grill for your boat. The cousin of the Magma grill above, this grill comes with the same mounting options and a party size as well.

A fun note about Magma products if you throw an amazing boat barbecue, make sure to snap some high-quality pics on your device and submit them to photos@magmaproducts.com.

Magma offers you the chance to submit lifestyle photos of family and friends using their products, and in return, you can receive discounts on their grilling products, free gifts and more! Visit their website for more details.

3. Portable Ice Maker

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As I mentioned above, my food never stayed cool after spending a copious amount of non-stop hours on the boat. The worst is when you pull out your beverage and there are either no ice cubes left to cool the drinks or your beer is warm.

This can be a major party foul if you're hosting friends and family afloat. I'd definitely recommend a portable ice maker.

Igloo offers one pretty reasonable option, which we've linked to above, but if you want a larger, heavier-duty machine made for marine use, try the Dometic HZB-15S electric refrigerator/freezer. Just keep in mind you'll need a power outlet on your boat to hook either option up and keep things frosty.

Go Float Yourself

You can never have enough legroom on a boat. Boats inevitably become congested throughout the day with coolers, towels, food, fishing poles, personal items, etc.

The best way to turn your boat into a lounging paradise is to invest in a tie-up, inflatable island for when you anchor your social gathering for the day-long festivities.

4.CoolerZ Floating Island with Canopy

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Oh my god. I absolutely love this floating island.

It has a cooler, six cup holders and a small canopy for those hot, sweltering days at sea. While you can buy this float for less without the canopy, it's well worth the extra investment.

It provides plenty of room for six people to lounge about comfortably, and prevents overcrowding on the boat as an extra bonus!

Just beware, however, that the canopy can create a sail-like effect, so make sure to tie up to your float unless, of course, you enjoy being taken wherever the wind may blow...

5. Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island

Much like the product above, this floating island, holds six people comfortably and provides six different holders for your beverages.

The big bonus for this floatable, however, are the two built-in coolers on either side of the lounging chairs.

These coolers are great places to store some of your food and drinks, rather than wasting precious deck space on the boat.

It also has a pretty cool wading pool option, for those who want to enjoy a little cooling off in the water without having to jump off-board.

6. Inflatable Kayak

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This floatable will prove invaluable to the boater that plans on anchoring for the day in the bay or lake.

I can't tell you how many times my party and I have gone out early in the day, found the perfect location to set up shop and lay down the anchor, and a few hours later, someone inevitably has to use the bathroom, we run out of food and beverage, or I realize I left an important festivity necessity back at the dock.

That's where the inflatable Kayak comes in.

As mentioned above, deck space is at a premium at sea, so the thought of bringing a kayak or dinghy aboard a small boat isn't an option. The inflatable kayak, however, fits in a tiny backpack and inflates in 5 minutes or less! Never be without an exit option for those emergencies at sea!

Leverage Your Beverage

Call me crazy, but I have never been on a boat that had enough beverage holders. When on the water, it's important for your driver to have a place to put his or her water, and for the guests to plant their many adult beverages.

Therefore, it's always a good idea to invest in some extra beverage holders to ensure there are not any messy spills and wasted liquidation!


7. Robocup Dual, Clamp-On Cup Holder

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This is a great option for people who need a cup holder on the boat, but only sometimes. This little gadget is impermanent, and therefore you can clip and on and off when desired.

I bought it for my little brother who wanted a place for guests to secure their drinks, and he loves it! Cool factoid - Robocup offers 5 free clamp-on cup holders for people who submit the best photos of their product!

8.Drop-In Rod Holder Cup Holder

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Not going fishing but leisurely hanging on the boat with friends? Then this cool gadget is perfect for your outing. It drops into your fishing rod holder to create the ideal location for your beverage.

9. Docktail Portable Mini Bar

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This company's contraptions are sure to impress any mariner. Docktail creates custom bars for people who want "easy, spill-free service" on their boat.

The custom bars can either be mounted permanently or temporarily in your fishing rod holder. If you want to get really fancy for your fishing party, they even have the option to add a filet table to the bar!

Light and Sound Shows

No boat extravaganza is complete without the right music and ambient lighting. Lots of boats come with built-in sound systems and lighting.

However, if your system is either nonexistent or you would like to spruce it up, here are a few cool accessories that may be right for you.

10. ECOXGEAR SolJam Solar-Powered Bluetooth Speaker

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I bought this product for my boat because the sound system died after many years of use. I didn't want to spend the cash on a fancy system, and I also didn't want to have to worry about charging up before every outing.

This product was a perfect fit for me.

I was sick of carrying Bluetooth speakers that constantly ran out of battery, and the SolJam uses the sun to replenish its charge. Plus, the sound is excellent. Technology these days!

11.LED Boat Cup Holders

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This product is for those that simply want to impress their guests with unnecessary, but cool, gadgets. Who wouldn't be impressed with custom light-up cup holders?

They're available in either a12V version, for easy wiring to your boat, or battery-powered, for those who only plan to take them out on special occasions and don't want to deal with the wires. At night, the lights are really pretty and add some "hipness" to your ride.   As do the rest of these accessories here. Grab just a few of 'em, and your boat will be the place to be.