2020 Boating Holiday Gift Guides! What To Buy for Boaters.

What to holiday gifts to buy for boaters

It's always difficult to decide on the perfect holiday present, but if you've got a sailor in the family then this holiday gift guide will make sure that any boater will have a gigantic smile on their face when the time comes to unwrap your offering! It's surprisingly easy to find the perfect boating gift once you know what you're looking for, so here are some great boating gift ideas.

Emergency Signaling Devices


What could say that you care about your resident sailor than ensuring that they have an emergency signaling device? You might opt for a satellite phone or even just a simple EPIRB depending on how well-equipped they are. The gesture is sure to be appreciated. Even if you both hope that the situation will never devolve to the point that they'll have to use it, it will give everyone piece of mind to know that this perfect boating gift is ready to keep your loved one safe at sea

Other Boating Electronics


If your boater is set regarding safety devices, there are still a lot of fancy boating electronics to pick from! This can range from a new multi-function display to a VHF radio upgrade. Boating electronics might feature a steep price tag but they always make a decent pick for a holiday boating gift because of how quick technology tends to evolve. For a sailor that loves a bit of fishing? There isn't much that will be more appreciated than a GPS/fish-finder. Personally? I'm hoping that Santa will bring me one and make this a very merry boating Christmas.

Fishing Rods and Reels


While a fish-finder might be a great gadget to tool around with, it won't do much good at all unless it's paired with a great fishing rod and reel! There isn't much that's more exciting than hanging out on your favorite ocean or lake to ring in the New Year, and some new fishing rods can only take that feeling to the next level. No matter what time of year it is and even if you don't catch anything, going fishing is just a great excuse to kick back and relax while just enjoying a few beers.

Bilge Pump

2020 Boating Holiday Gift Guides! What To Buy for Boaters relax

While not as sleek and sexy as some of the other items on this list, a manual bilge pump can be a great low-cost boating present that just screams practicality. If you're willing to commit to your sailor gift just a bit more then a fully-fledged bilge pump will always be appreciated. Most boats only come with one but installing a second bilge pump can be convenient and might even save a life!

Boating Tow Toys


Another cost-effective genre with a lot of variety. Whether you're gifting a towable inflatable, water skis, or wakeboards there is always some great fun and bonding in store when the tow toys are unwrapped. Before you take the leap you might want to explored the differences between a ski boat vs a wake boat, just so you know which gift your prospective recipient will likely prefer.

Boat Cleaning Products

Boat cleaning products are always welcome. I go through around 4 or 5 bottles of boat soap concentrate every year. It's not easy to maintenance a boat whether it sees a lot of use or not, and helping out the boat lover in your family with the cleaning costs is always going to be warmly welcomed. You can also opt for something that might've gone ignored for too long such as the above teak brightener.

Final Thoughts

It's always the thought that counts. Keep your head help high even if you're handing out or receiving macaroni necklaces! If you have the cash flow to indulge a hobby as expensive as boating then you should do so, but if you don't? Well, we are working on a list of low-cost boating gift ideas that should arrive soon. Keep an eye out for it!