8 Must-Have Pontoon Boat Accessories

What to buy for pontoon boats

As warmer weather lurks around the corner, boaters begin planning days to take the boat back out on the water. There's nothing more relaxing than taking the pontoon out for the day. Pontoons are the ideal boat for relaxing, hanging out with friends, and enjoying the water. 

To ensure your pontoon continues to provide you with fun days on the water, you must keep it in good condition. Having the right pontoon boat accessories is the best way to do just that. As much fun as boats are to have, they also require regular maintenance and upkeep. 

When you have all the best pontoon boat fishing accessories, your boat will run for years to come. Continue reading below to check out what accessories you may be missing. 

1. Boat Wash

An all-purpose boat wash is an excellent item to have on the boat with you. A boat wash that can be used on everything from the top of the boat to the bottom makes cleaning easier. You won't have to worry about using something different on separate sections of the boat if not desired. 

Using a concentrated solution is beneficial because it'll last much longer than other solutions. Another important factor to take into consideration is the safety of the wash. The soap you use on your boat shouldn't harm marine life or leave contaminants in the water. 

A clean boat not only looks nice, but it also helps keep the boat running longer. Allowing saltwater and other buildups to rest on the boat's surface can cause damage, so be sure to clean your boat after each use. 

2. Hull Cleaner

Your pontoon's hull can become stained and damaged from the waterline, gas exhaust, rust, and more. Hull cleaner is the perfect way to clean the hull of your pontoon, keeping it in excellent condition. The best thing about having this cleaner in hand is that the cleaning process is simple. 

All you must do is apply the cleaner on the hull and allow it to sit for a few moments. Then, you'll simply rinse it off. The result is a sparkling clean hull no matter if the stains were new or old. 

This cleaner works well on both fiberglass and painted hulls. 

3. Epoxy Resin

If your pontoon boat has a wooden table in the center, then you might want to keep the epoxy resin in your bucket of boat accessories. Epoxy resin for table top boat care will preserve your boat's table. Over time, elements from the ocean can cause wear and tear on the table's surface. 

This formula dries clear with a high-gloss hard finish. The formula is UV resistant and will level out itself. This is a great way to protect and wooden features on your boat for years to come. 

4. Metal Polish

Any metals on your boat, including stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, and other metals could all benefit from a metal polish. Surface rust, oxidation, and tarnish will all be removed with this metal polish. You can use it to clean all indoor and outdoor metals, so don't worry about only using it on certain ones. 

Metal polish is a great way to keep your pontoon boat spotless. 

5. Upholstery Brush Set

Boat interior needs to be kept up with as well to prevent smells, stains, cracking, and peeling. The upholstery brush set uses genuine horsehair bristles that won't scratch or damage leather or vinyl. You can also use the brush set on your pontoon's carpeting as well. 

Clean boat upholstery can get dirty quickly, due to the salt water and other elements from the water. When you use the brush set with a good boat soap, your boat will be left smelling brand new!

6. Boat Dry Towel

A boat dry towel is made from a sponge-like material that won't leave streaks or scratches on your pontoon. It also absorbs water faster than cloth towels and holds onto the water to prevent streaks. You can also place these towels in the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

For your pontoon, it's a good idea to use an XL boat dry towel for faster and simpler cleaning. The towel won't grow mold either, so you won't have to worry about finding a moldy towel.

7. Boat De-Salt

The engine and surface of your boat can quickly begin to form a build up of salt on them. To prevent damages to your boat, be sure to use boat de-salt on any surfaces where salt may attach. You can use it as a motor flush and to remove salt from fishing and diving gear/equipment. 

You can also use the de-salt on wood decks and mixed with the boat wash. 

8. Wax Applicator Set

It's always a good idea to have a wax applicator set handy. A full set will include microfiber pads, foam wax applicator pads, a grip handle, a buffing cloth, and a storage bag. Other than the polish with wax, this set has everything you need to wax your pontoon and leave it shining in the sun.

Wax is also important because it'll protect the pontoon from surface damages. 

Don't Miss Out on These Pontoon Boat Accessories 

When you own a pontoon, it's essential to keep it in good condition. A well-maintained boat will run longer and provide you with fun and excitement for many years to come. Don't forget to grab these pontoon boat accessories before heading out on the water next time. 

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