9 Non-Negotiable Boat Cleaning Supplies For a Spotless Vessel

How to clean a boat

Every boat owner will agree that it's important to keep your watercraft squeaky clean. Especially for those living in their boats, you want to keep your space very organized and tidy. This is particularly important if you're living on a small boat and want to make the most of your space while keeping things as clean as possible.  

On top of keeping things tidy, you want to ensure that your boat is properly disinfected. That way, it not only smells nice, but you're avoiding germs and any bug infestations. We reveal 9 non-negotiable boat cleaning supplies you need to achieve this feat. 

1. Better Boat Stain Mildew Remover


This highly effective mold and mildew stain remover cut through old and new mildew stains with ease. It's perfectly safe for plastic rubber, fiberglass, bolsters, vinyl, cushions, gutters, covers, tops, chairs, upholstery, canopies, life-jackets, grout, and more. This makes it ideal for your boat since you can easily spray it on and allow it to work and rinse off. 

When you're ready to remove stubborn stains on exteriors and interiors, this boat cleaner is the one to have. It's multi-functional and can work as a boat vinyl cleaner, awning cleaner, marine vinyl mildew remover, a boat set cleaner and more. It's made of exceptional quality and comes with a 100% manufacturer money-back guarantee. 


2. Bilge Cleaner Concentrate


The Bilge Cleaner Concentrate is one of the best boat cleaning products on the market thanks to its powerful degreaser that emulsifies and dissolves oil, grease, and fuel. This keeps your bilge clean, free from build-up and sludge to prevent your bilge pumps from underperforming. Using this boat cleaner regularly helps eliminate foul odors and keeps your automatic bilge pump and bilge pump hose running perfectly. 

This is an effective oil cleaner that is pretty easy to use. Simply pour in the bilge pumps for your boat and this oil eater cleaner degreaser will emulsify and deodorize your boat. Then drain or pump out everything into a container and repeat the process until the sludge is all gone. 


3. Boat Cleaner Wipes with UV


These premium boat wipes had to make our list of the best boat cleaning supplies. They are fast and easy to use and are a convenient boat interior cleaner to have in stock. They also provide UV protection in one easy step and work well as a boat vinyl cleaner, canvas cleaner, and seat protector. 

These boat cleaner wipes help revive color and luster to plastic which makes them the ideal solution to keep steering wheels, consoles, seats, and cushions squeaky clean. They are the perfect boat cleaner but work well for cars and RVs too. Consider these cleaning materials if you're looking for a light, multi-purpose product. 


4. Boat Enzymatic Toilet Tank Digest


The Boat Enzymatic Toilet Tank Digest has a specially designed formula with naturally occurring probiotics and bacteria. These work as an enzymatic marine to hold tank water and treat it in a non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and non-caustic way. This makes it safe to use, safe for your boat, safe for the ocean, and safe for our planet

This marine-grade water holding tank treatment can break down organic waste, paper, and clogs while tackling hard back-ups overnight. This then liquefies the waste and eliminates bad odors that live in holding tanks, toilettes, and septic tanks on your boat. It doesn't contain any caustic or corrosive chemicals that could harm your holding tank, boat, or water quality. 


5. Boat Marine Polish with Carnauba Wax


The best boat cleaning comes from this Boat Marine Polish. It restores, revives, and protects your boat's exterior. It also leaves a professional long-lasting top gloss lustrous shine to Plastic, Metal, Fiberglass Hull, Plexiglass, Gel Coat, and painted boating surfaces. 

It's produced with a rich, creamy wax that contains a potent blend of substantive silicone and carnauba wax. This protects against weathering, corrosion, and a dull appearance. This usually occurs after exposure to saltwater, marine build-up, rust, the sun, and other elements. 

Just wipe the emulsion wax onto your boat's surface, allow it to sit for 15 minutes, and then buff it out using a clean microfiber towel. 


6. Boat Wax Sealant Hybrid Ceramic Spray


This hydrophobic wax sealant topcoat spray contains Si02 ceramic technology that keeps wax finishes looking fresh. It provides a mirror shine that resists dirt and repels water. It also works as a great windshield water repellent making it perfect to protect wax and polish finishes on your boat. 

We don't recommend using this product on non-skid decks since the sealant will counteract any non-skid material which makes it slippery. It's a clear coat paint protectant and is a must-have in your boat care kit. No boat cleaning supplies list should be complete without this product. 


7. Instant Boat Hull Cleaner

 The instant hull cleaner cuts through any built-up grease, dirt, grime, sludge, and algae on contact. You simply have to use a sponge or sprayer, allow the product to sit for 2 minutes, then rinse off to remove new and old stains from fuel, gas, a water line, exhaust, fish blood, etc. This fiberglass boat cleaner is also safe for gel coat, aluminum hull, metal, and painted surfaces. 


8. Marine Degreaser Black Streak Remover

 This is another one of the best boat cleaning products due to how it effectively cleans and degreases gel coat, fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome, painted surfaces, etc. It'll dissolve stains from grease, rust, and oil quickly and efficiently. It works perfectly to remove black streaks from your boat and can also be used to get rid of tough grease in parts of your home too!


9. Marine Leather Cleaner and Conditioner


The advanced formula cleans, conditions and protects interior and/or exterior the leather and vinyl seats and cushions. It'll revive the suppleness, restore the color, and leave a high-gloss shine with a protective finish. The formula contains a creamy emulsion base that has a potent blend of sulfate-free surfactants. This makes for a gentle and effective clean, silicones that provide the high-gloss shine finish, lanolin adding extra conditioning, and a UV protectant. 

This product is safe for vinyl and finished leather of any colors but we don't recommend using it on suede.


Choosing the Best Cleaning Supplies

There you have it! These are the best boat cleaning supplies to keep it looking great. Do you have any boat cleaning tips or boat cleaning products that we should have on our list?

Let us know by reaching out to our team today!