Ahoy, Matey: The Top Boating Gifts for Men

Gift ideas for boaters


In 2019, boat sales in the US were at an all-time high. Retailers sold almost 300,000 powerboats alone, the second-highest volume that decade.

If you live by an ocean, lake, or river, it’s likely at least one of the men in your life owns a boat. Maybe they’re a passionate freshwater fisherman; perhaps they head far into the ocean on deepsea diving expeditions. Whatever they do on the water, you likely need some ideas for boating gifts for men.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect boating gifts for the dad who has it all, read on for a selection of out-of-the-box and practical suggestions.

Keeping up Appearances: Boat Cleaning Products

Cleaning is a non-negotiable part of boat maintenance. Without the right products and tools, a boat owner can easily make a mistake and risk damaging their vessel.

Cleaning Products That Work

Boaties need to regularly rinse down their boat after each trip out on the ocean or lake. It’s an essential cleaning step. There are also a few cleaning products that a dedicated boatie might also want in their arsenal.

Buy your sailor man a no-slip deck cleaner and he’ll thank you all the way to next Christmas.

Outside of the hull, the area that sees the most wear-and-tear on a boat is probably the deck. People walking on it, fish dragged up on board, ice chests, furniture, fishing gear, and more. These can all cause scratches, scuffs, and tears.

Don’t forget about all that metal. Even the toughest railings can corrode quickly when exposed to the harsh salt of ocean water. A quality marine metal polish makes the perfect gift for any fastidious mariner. 

Top Tools for Easier Cleaning

Fancy soap foam guns, utility buckets, and water hoses. It’s not only cleaning products that make after-adventure clean-up a breeze. Having the right cleaning tools and supplies makes a potentially tough job quick and simple.

Machine washable microfiber sponges and cloths don’t leave streaks or debris behind. The netted mesh surface and microfiber nodules work as gentle scrubbers. Use them to apply wax, clean surfaces, and polish windows.

Boat cleaning tools made from silicone, such as silicon squeegees, last a long time. Choose to gift silicon boat cleaning supplies and you’re giving the gift of longevity.

Spotless Interiors

In bigger boats, the cabin needs as much attention as the exterior if you want to keep it clean and comfortable.

Upholstered furniture such as kitchen nooks, lounges, and bar stools need regular brushing to keep them looking fresh. Look for brushes with natural fibers like horsehair. They polish as well as clean leather and vinyl without damaging it.

Bathrooms and sleeping cabins usually aren’t well ventilated in even the biggest boats and yachts. Gift your seaman family member or friend mildew remover and you’ll be sure to have a mold-free spot to sleep when they inevitably invite you to sail with them.

Essential Boating Accessories

There’s nothing a seasoned sailor finds more useful than ropes and lines. They’re used on boats small and large for rigging, docking, anchoring, and towing. Ropes made of plastic materials like polyester or nylon are the most durable.

Paddles aren’t just for kayakers. They’re useful on bigger boats, too. Use them to pick up items dropped overboard, push a boat away from a pier, or propel a liferaft in an emergency.

Get water-resistant stickers made up and paddles can make useful personalized gifts for boat owners. Other great safety-related gifts include life vests, fire extinguishers, and sound or visual signal devices. Even something as mundane as a manual bilge pump can make a surprisingly useful gift for a boatie that cares about safeness.


Boating Gifts for Men: Look the Part

From personalized beach towels to boat shoes, oil-skin coats, and below deck decor. Getting your boat-obsessed man something that makes him look ocean-faring will always be a winner.

Wearable Boat Tech

You can never go wrong with gadgets when it comes to the men in your life. For those passionate about the ocean, a marine or sailing watch is sure to please. Not only do the watches look great on or off the water, but they also come with a range of smart features. 

These mini-computers can even connect to the boat’s autopilot so you can steer your boat from your wrist. Other technology solutions suitable for ocean use include a fish finder, waterproof action cameras, drones, or even something as simple as a water-resistant case for their smartphone.

Boat-Warming Gifts

Has the boatie in your life gifted themselves a new boat for Christmas? Add to their seasonal cheer with a boat-warming gift tailored to their brand new ocean-going vessel.

Nothing says “I own that boat” than a personalized captain’s hat. Look for something with a wide brim and a tight fit. It will protect the eyes and skin from the sun glaring off the water and stay on in even the roughest of squalls.

Add a pair of UV-protective sunglasses and a bottle of water-resistant sunscreen and you have a suitable gift pack!

Classic Sailor Tattoos

Getting inked makes for a somewhat more unusual good luck gift for a new boat or the boatie that has it all.

Treat that salty sailor in your life to a tattoo. Seamen in Britain and the United States have got nautical themed body art for protection, good luck, and guidance for centuries.

The legend goes that it was bold adventurer Captain James Cook and his crew that started the tradition way back in the 1700s. They were fascinated by the tattoos they saw on the Maori people of New Zealand that they decided to get tattoos themselves.

A compass star is the most authentic symbol, but anchors, swallows, hula girls, crossed cannons, and rope are also popular.

Think Useful for Gift Giving Success

When it comes to boating gifts for men, practical products are the golden rule. The sailor in your life is bound to enjoy something he can use. Especially when it means he can keep his pride and joy looking great, stay out on the water longer, and look good when he’s chasing that big catch.

If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for your boat-mad partner, brother, father, or friend, you’re guaranteed to find something that suits you at Better Boat. Shop all marine cleaning products and supplies online today!