Better Boat Cleaning Products Review [VIDEO]


Better Boat Cleaning Products Review [VIDEO]

 Video Transcription

Hey gang, Jaime Astin, and in today's video we are going to test and review Better Boat cleaning products. You can follow me on Instagram or contact me at If you like this video, please like and subscribe, leave feedback. Better Boat reached out to me winter 2019 and asked me if I would like to use their products to clean my boat and make a video. I said, "Certainly." I said, "Would you all mind sending me a second set of products so I could do a giveaway?" And they were thrilled to do so. So thank you to Better Boat. Stay tuned to the end of the video to find out how you can win this set that you see pictured.

It was winter, I didn't wash my boat, got a lot of rain, everything else, but I did wash my boat last month. Went fishing with it, and you're going to see the test before and after and especially after I fished with it a couple of times. You can see now it has a ring around it and it is an aluminum boat. Let's get started.

All right. To start, we have these Boat Erasers. Removes marks from vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, wood and glass. So where we will be using these will be on the plastic wind block, things like that. For aluminum, these will not touch it. It's not designed for it, it doesn't claim to do it, and it will not do it. You're going to want to be using these on, like I said, plastic, vinyl and all that other stuff like that. Paint surfaces, even. Like a Magic Eraser, put them to work, but for this, that's not where you want to use them. All right, with this Instant Hull Cleaner, it says use of rubber gloves is recommended, and to spray the solution directly to the surface to be cleaned. It's not a spray bottle. I have an old 409 bottle, which I rinsed out with hot water, so it's running clean. I don't want anything to taint this. So we're going to pour this inside of this.

As you all can see, the products didn't get rid of that ring, but the products didn't claim to clean aluminum tarnish, but at the top where there was regular dirt, it did clean all of that. It just didn't remove any of the tarnish. So what I'm going to do is go ahead and use Starbrite Aluminum Cleaner. Since I am cleaning my boat, I wanted to go ahead and hit that ring up. I just found out that a Better Boat does have a metal polish and things like that, so maybe in a future video, I will use that and I will try it for this ring. But what you see me doing right now is putting on the Starbrite, and I'm going at that tarnish.

The thing is about Starbrite, when you hit that tarnish, you see I'm not going to do the whole boat, I'm just staying on the ring area, it leaves a white haze. That white haze, you have to polish out. It just doesn't wipe off or anything like that. So that's what makes a cleaning an aluminum boat pretty tough, but we're doing it because I need to clean my boat and we're going to do it for this video. And you can see right here, I'm stopping because I want to do just half, so you can see the difference.

Hey, you all, I'm a glutton for punishment, and what I did was I went ahead and put some Starbrite Aluminum Cleaner. It's starting to rain. Dang it. I went ahead and put some Starbrite Aluminum on this side right here. So since it started to rain, I brought the boat inside the garage, and as you can see that separation, that line, this is Never Dull, and that's Mother's Aluminum Polish. Don't use the blue applicator for the polish, use a yellow one. I made a mistake at this part right here, but what you're going to see is that Mother's Aluminum Polish takes this haze right off. Now you can see that these have a little pocket on there. That's why I originally wanted to do it, but the microfiber works best for after effects, not application, but when you're actually finishing up. So use a yellow to apply it, use the blue to buff it out and clean it up.

But instantly you're going to start to see that these pads are really good because it starts to buff to a shine. Now that black haze, that's the tarnish, and it really makes these pads really nasty, but all you have to do is rinse it out as you're cleaning the boat and it'll come right out and you can keep on using that pad. All right. That's what it looks like when everything is buffed out. I just want to show you again, use the yellow applicator when you want to use some type of application, like the Mother's Aluminum Polish. We have the boat complete. Now what I want to show you is before we put this Marine Polish on there with the blue applicators, is that an easy way to get that haze off, I actually went back and used the Instant Hull Cleaner, sprayed the boat, and then rinsed it off, and it came off way easier.

So what I would do is use the Starbrite, polish it up using the Mother's, and then use that Instant Hull Cleaner to get all that black stuff off. What we're doing right now is putting a wax on, and it's real easy. It is real easy. If you've ever waxed, you know it's a pain, but the Better Boat Marine Wax and Polish really doggone good and it's safe to use on cars too. So we're going to put this on the aluminum boat, because what I was wanting to test is, after I went fishing, does that ring come back? Does that ring come back? And you're going to see those results in just a few minutes, but all you have to do is wipe it on until you get a nice haze and then go back and wipe it off. Buffing it is not that hard. These products would do really, really good though on a painted boat. So if you have a painted boat, you're even in a better position than me.

All right, gang. There it is. This boat has been washed, polished and completely detailed by yours truly, using the Better Boat brand Instant Hull Cleaner, Boat Erasers, Marine Polish. And we put it all along using that Boat Wax Applicator Set. And yeah, we're done. We're done. We're done. We're done. We are done. Got my engine cowl looking great. Even detailed down here too. Look at the back. Y'all remember the back. It was all dirty, right?

Hey gang, Jaime Astin, and this is an update. I cleaned my boat, polished it up and I put the wax on there. I took my boat out fishing, and the first thing I did, I came back and I just went ahead and just wiped it down. And as you all can see, it still has that nice shine. Previously, when I just cleaned it and didn't wax it, I would start to get that ring in here. So the Better Boat products not only clean my boat, but that wax sure is working. Like I said, all I did was just wiped it down.

All right, gang, that concludes the video for me cleaning it. I hope you all enjoyed that. If you have any questions, please leave a comment down below. Thank you again to Better Boat for sending me those products and for sponsoring this contest. To win this contest, leave a comment down below and you will get one entry. Check out my Instagram page for a post about Better Boat, and you leave a comment there, you'll get two entries. Be sure to go to and check out information about the Breezy Box. The Breezy Box is a network hub for Garmin Fish Finder. So if you have two Garmin Fish Finders and you went to live scope and you want to have everything synced up, the Breezy Box package is only $150. You save at least $125 going with my solution rather than going to Garmin. And I mean literally at least. I mean, I found the best prices to get that price. You pay the retail, you're going to be paying about $325 plus tax, whereas my package comes with the cables and everything for just $150.

So, you all, thank you for watching. Again, thank you, Better Boat. Sorry this video took so long. As you can see, during that time it was still raining, but I finally got that video out. It was actually hailing that day, so the boat had hail and everything on there, but we got it done. And we're taking the boat out again today, people. It's still clean. It's still clean. The boat has been out a few times, so you can just say this is a third update right here. And this is as of posting. I'm posting this about May 20th, 2020, and it's still clean. Still clean. That's what it's all about. Y'all take care. Jaime Astin out.


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