Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner Demo and Review [VIDEO]


Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner Demo and Review [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Hello, welcome back. Guys, if you have a boat you know how hard it can be to get those brown tan stains off the hull. Well, Better Boat has sponsored us to try out this new hull cleaner of theirs. This is a instant hull cleaner. It's supposed to remove those brown tannin stains instantly without a lot of scrub, buffing and work. We're going to try that out in this video. Hit that subscribe button down there. Don't forget the bell icon so you don't miss any videos. Check this out.

All right, so as you can see, these stains are really bad on the boat from the end of last year. They basically run below the waterline, the whole way down my boat. Here's a little before shot of up underneath the bow. This is going to be your before picture, and this is going to be your after picture.

All right, the directions say the use of rubber gloves is recommended, so we're going to follow the directions. It also says avoid contacts with trailers and fabric and other stuff. Hard to avoid contact with the trailer when you're trying to clean a boat below the water line, so we've got hose handy, if any of it drips off on the trailer we can rinse it off real fast. Let's get started and see how it works.

All right. I've rigged it up with a little spray nozzle too to make this a little bit easier. So let's give this a try. Don't want to get it on your stickers if you can help it either because it can hurt those. Man, you can just see it disappearing. I'm going to go ahead and keep it off my trailer. Look at that sucker, it's just cleaning it right off. Let's take a rag and give that a wipe. Oh my goodness. Look at that guys. It's like freaking brand new. I'm just using a very light spray sparingly, right below the stripe. As you can see, it only takes a couple minutes, and that stuff wipes right off. It just dissolves everything. But wow, what a difference, huh. Get this next piece.

Unreal how fast that works. All right per the instructions, we'll give it a good rinse. Man, that did a great job. With a little bit of work, not too hard, and Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner team Fish Hard's ready to look good on the water this weekend.

There's that bow area before, and here's this side before. There's the bow area after, all down the side after, look at how nice a job that did.

So the Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner obviously did a fantastic job on our boat. We're going to be looking good this weekend on the water. If you guys have those brown tannin stains on your boat, give this stuff a trial. Put a link to it in the description below. Hit that subscribe button over there, and give me that thumbs up like button. Don't forget the bell icon so you don't miss any upcoming videos. We'll see you next time.

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