Better Boat's Wash and Dry Cloth Review [VIDEO]


Better Boat's Wash and Dry Cloth Review [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Hello everybody and welcome. My name is Eric and today I'm going to be reviewing a washing cloth and a drying cloth from the Better Boat, if I can actually align it properly on my hands, let me show you. And there they are. The folks a The Better Boat, a website, and their respective Amazon store The Better Boat, they sent me these. These are heavy-duty washing cloths meant for boats, cars and in my case a motorcycle.

You see, I mean I don't like regular towels and drying towels. These tend to be heavy-duty. They pick up more dirt. I got the perfect specimen, because I just picked up this bike last weekend, and I got caught by the rain and it's filthy. I mean it is dirty, dirty, filthy bike right now. It is super dirty and it'll be a great way to actually put these to the test. It is nasty. So, let me go ahead and open these up, show you guys what they look like, and get started.

All right, so we got the wash towel. Here we go. That's a neat package. Look, it's pre-soaked apparently. I think it's wet. Let me get my teeth ... And here it is. This is the drying towel, actually. The drying towel. Very spongy. I like it. Oh, this is the wash towel. Oh yeah, this is definitely the wash towel. But it feels like you can dry with this. Well nonetheless. Let's get to it. Let's get with the next one.

Here's the drying towel. All right. A little tough to open. Ah, there we go. Ah, got it. Ooh, very soft. Very different than the ones you buy at Walmart and stuff like that. I like it. All right, so right now I got the bucket, I got the soap. Let's start washing. All right, let's get the bike wet. I think I understand how this works now. See, it as kind of rubbery, this cloth, and it's got little ridges and things like that. That's actually what grabs the dirt. All right. Let's get busy with it. This is the first wash I ever gave this bike. All right. Right in here it's really dirty. Water. Ooh, it's actually quite large. Washing water. It's all folded up.

All right, so just finished washing it. I can't believe how dirty it was. And this towel, it's actually very, very grippy. So whenever your actually using it on the surface, it is gripping a lot. I mean, got a lot of crap out of that bike. Good God, that was dirty. All right, so it is time to get it dry. Let's put that one to the test. All right. Let's get to it. I soaks it immediately. It is truly a heavy-duty drying cloth, and it's grippy as well. Like it grips the surface, too. And it really wants to grab onto the moisture and the water. I like it.

So I just finished drying the entire bike and there's barely any water in this thing. I mean, it's really really absorbent. That's pretty good, I like it. Well guys, that is the review. I hope you guys have enjoyed it. There will be a link to the description below for The Better Boat website, and The Better Boat's Amazon stores. If you guys like it, pay me a visit guys. So thank you guys for watching. See you guys in the next video. Later.

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