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How's it going? I'm talking about cleaning non-skid boat deck and we're specifically going to be using the company that reached out to me called Better Boat. We're going to be using their deck cleaner. So this is a a non-slip finish. It's premium boat care. They reached out to me because they're a family owned company and they wanted to have me give their products a review. They also sent me their deck brush, which is right here, and then the extendible pole to go with it. So when the company reached out to me, they just said that they're a small business and they're trying to grow their business and they asked if I could make a video based on their product. There was no strings attached. I didn't have to say anything good or anything bad. What I'm going to do is I'm going to give you guys my honest review.
Cleaning a FIberglass Boat Deck

They did send me this, but I'm not getting paid anything else. My payment was really just getting the product for free. I just want you guys to have full disclosure on that. I did get this for free. Well, I'm going to give it my best test I possibly can though. I'm going to try to compare it to some bleach and I'm going to see, because I have a very dirty non-skid deck in this boat. The boat I'm going to be using it on is a 2005 Sea Ray Sundeck. It's a 220 so there's a lot of deck to clean. I'm specifically testing the swim platform just because it's easy to see everything. So hope you guys enjoy and let's get to cleaning.

The last thing I'd recommend doing before cleaning this is applying some rubber gloves, because you don't want to get any of this material in your hand because it does say that it's an irritant. They taped off three different sections. I'm going to start with just plain water over here. I'm just going to spray some hose water on it and rub it off of with the brush. Then I'm going to use the better boat deck cleaner right here. And then over here I'm going to use some bleach, with a mixture of bleach and water. Then I'll take off the tape and everyone can see what they think is the best result.

The first test has me spraying some water on this section over here. I'm just going to rub it off with a brush. Okay. So that's enough water. Just going to put my hose down over here. I'm just going to take this brush. Probably about the most rubbings I would do. No doubt that this section right here is definitely cleaner. So if you're on the move on a boat and you just have this brush, that might be sufficient to get some big mud out of the boat.

In the middle section here I'm using the Better Boat deck cleaner. I got it in a spray bottle here so you just kind of see the color. This spray bottle means nothing. It's just an old spray bottle I had. That's kind of the color of the material though. It's like a greenish turquoise kind of color. So the directions say to wet the deck down. So I'm going to get the deck evenly wet. And then it says to spray the solution over the deck and let it sit for two to three minutes. The deck's nice and wet. I'm going to shake this up, get it nice and foamy. I'm just going to go ahead and spray it. So I spray probably a little bit liberal amount on there. I'm going to wait about two minutes and then I'm going to go ahead and brush it off.

It's been about two minutes now. As per the instruction I'm going to go ahead and rub down the deck.

you can see compared to most deck solutions, it makes a nice phone try one more brush and actually needed to do going to go ahead and take my hose and spray it off. This section that has been cleaned with the Better Boat deck cleaner. Obviously it looks a lot better than the water section. Next we're going to test the bleach. And if you can't tell the water section, it's night and day difference between this section and that section. It might just be harder to see all the whites on the camera.

One thing I also wanted to point out is this brush. If you decided to buy this, this is really high quality. It also has rubber bumps on the edges here, so you can't mar the edges of your boat. It's a big rubber gasket looking thing here and it's also an extendable pole. So if you have a bigger boat and you can reach farther and the bristles are medium firmness. Perfect for getting into a deck but not scratch anything. Really, really I'm impressed with this brush.

Next, we're going to test the bleach over here and we're going to see how the Better Boat deck cleaner in the middle compares to the bleach. All sections are still a bit wet too. I'm waiting for both sections to dry. You have a closer look, so you can see how much whiter this middle section is.

For the last section, I just have some bleach. It's in a old bottle here. It's mixed, I think 50/50 or so. Spray a bunch of bleach on here. I have a bunch of bleach spread on here and I'm going to let that sit for about a minute. I'm going to use the same deck brush, and for reference I sprayed the entire deck brush out so there's no more solution from the Better Boat deck cleaner in here. So I'm going to go ahead and scrub off this now. Now that I brushed it off I'm going to go ahead and spray it down.

Now that all the sections have been cleaned, I'm going to go ahead and let everything dry for a couple minutes and then I'll show you guys the results. It's hard to tell in the camera, but this is the section of that was taped over. So there's dirt there, obviously. This is the bleach section and then this is the section with Better Boat. In my opinion, the left side definitely looks better. It's hard to tell, but it's definitely a slight degree of white brighter than the right side.

I'm going to go over here. So this is the section has been cleaned with the Better Boat cleaner. All looks very nice to me. And then obviously this right side was the Better Boat cleaner and this left side was just water, and that doesn't look nearly as good as it should. You can see right here the bleach obviously missed a lot and I definitely brushed it so it wasn't me.

There's some imperfections in here. Look at the Better Boat cleaner on this section here. It gets everything off more consistently than the bleach does. I just want you guys to keep that in mind when you're looking at purchasing this product.

About two hours after cleaning, I went back to the boat and here's the results I found. After testing all the products I can definitely say that the Better Boat cleaner is better. And it also makes me feel better using it because it's a product that's designed for the boat deck, as opposed to just using bleach. If I mixed too much or too little, I don't know. In theory you could damage the deck. So I'd prefer to just use something that's already made for it. The brush they included is fantastic. If you don't pick up the deck cleaner, I'd definitely recommend getting the brush.

There's one more thing I want to share with you guys. The company, when they reached out to me, they told me they wanted to help you guys out too. So they left me a discount code. It's called Better Boat 15. This can be used on Amazon or on their website, and I'll link their website in the description below. If you liked this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel, click the little notification bell so you'll get notifications every time I post a new video. And we have a ton of new content coming out for you guys this summer. Hoping to do a bunch of fishing on this boat, some Creek fishing, some hiking, a bunch of new different things. And take care and have a great day.

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