Boat Wash: Can You Wash a Boat at a Car Wash?

Do they allow boats in car washes

Not sure how to get your boat the safe wash it deserves? Believe it or not, this process can be a lot more overwhelming than you initially imagined. All it takes is one scrub with the wrong brush or rag and your boat is scratched in places you've never thought of.

The same goes for boat wash too, the wrong mix of chemicals is all it takes for your boat to get spotted or stained. 

Lucky for you, the solution to this problem is simply research and the proper equipment. Knowing what you can and can not use on your boat will save you from making the colossal mistakes many owners before you have. This is because you will know exactly what to get and avoid. 

If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of boat washing and where you can go to get your boat shining like new, just keep one reading and stay tuned. 

Where to Wash Your Boat

Before you purchase the proper cleaning product for your boat, you will need to figure out where and how you are going to clean it. If you have the proper equipment, such as a boat pressure washer, you can always wash it on your lawn or driveway. But if you don't, or your spouse doesn't want everything outside to get wet, you'll need to find somewhere that does. 

Chances are if you type "boat washes near me" into your phone, you won't find many places. But don't worry just yet, you still haven't considered your other option. One of the best and more accessible locations you can wash your boat at is the car wash.

They have all the washing tools you'll need and are located in almost any city. But before you drive off to the car wash and get your clean on, there is one vital thing you need to remember. Automatic car washes are not your friend.

Swiping your card and letting technology wash your boat for you may seem ideal, but this method will undoubtedly scratch your boat. It might even ruin a few sensitive accessories on it as well. Instead, you need to go to a manual car wash where you can wash it all yourself. 

Yes, it will take longer, but your boat will respond so much better to the wash.  

How to Wash Your Boat 

Once you figure out where to go and how to get there, you will need to learn how to wash your boat. As stated earlier, this is a sensitive process that you'll need to know how to do before you drive up to the car wash. If you don't, the quality of your wash will suffer and so will your boat. 

Get Your Boat Wet 

The first step of your boat washing routine is also the easiest. All you need to do is spray the exterior of your boat down with water. This will wash off any loose dirt and make it easier for the soap to stick.

Lather With Boat Wash

After it is all wet, take your boat soap and lather it onto the parts of your boat you'd like to wash. Make sure that the wash you use is safe for your boat. Dish soap or household cleaners will not make your boat clean; if anything they will make it dirtier and ruin your finish.  

If the hull or bottom of your boat has collected a significant amount of grime, you may need to wash it separately with a boat acid wash. This is stronger than regular wash and will break down and stubborn algae or growth that just won't come off otherwise. Do not put this on any polished areas of your boat; it may ruin the finish. 

The best boat wash will be strong enough to get the grime off and nothing more. It is also designed with wildlife in mind. This means fish and other marine life won't get harmed or poisoned by any leftover boat wash that leaks into the water.

Scrub Off Dirt 

Once the wash is on, get a boat-safe brush and scrub the desired areas. Brushes with stiff bristles are the best to use during this process. They will easily remove caked-on dirt and stains without any extra scrubbing. If you notice scratches or marks while you are scrubbing the boat, pause and make sure you are not scrubbing too hard; this may be the cause of those marks. 

If you do get a few minor scratches during this process, you may be able to remove them with a buffer eraser. Just rub the mark with the eraser once you've dried the spot and they should lighten up or disappear. 

Polished surfaces should be whipped and scrubbed with a rag instead of a brush. Microfiber towels and sponges are the best tools to use during this process. They absorb more water than regular rags and are less abrasive. 

Rinse and Let It Dry

After you scrub the dirt off your boat, rinse off the remaining soap by spraying it down with water again. Once you've done this it's time to check your work. Walk around the areas you've cleaned and check for any remaining scum. If you do not see any, wipe the boat clean with a dry cloth or let it air dry. 

After this step, you are done and your boat should be looking as good as new. 

Extra Cleaning

If you want to go the extra mile and clean more than the exterior of your boat, you totally can. You can do this by washing the windows with glass cleaner or cleaning the floor. Another way you could revamp your boat is by washing the seats. 

Vehicle and boat seats are very similar. Just like cars, boat seats are exposed to a lot of UV rays from the sun. Because of this, they both require the same seat conditioner designed to bring moisture back into them. 

This will prevent them from cracking and aging as quickly as they could. It will also soften them and keep them looking new. You can find this conditioner at many boat retailers; just make sure you get one that is of good quality.  

Take Your Boat to the Car Wash 

When it comes time to clean the last lake trip off your boat, take it to the car wash and give her the rinse she deserves. If you need to purchase more boat wash or want to try a new brand, check out our line of Better Boat cleaning products. We have over sixty boat washes and cleaning designed to help you give every inch of your boat a thorough wash. 

Click here to see all the products you will ever need and read the reviews of our past customers.

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