Ceramic Coating my Bass Boat- Better Boat Style [VIDEO]

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It's boat cleaning day, yo. My boat has literally never been this dirty since I've owned it, and it's 65 degrees here. All the lakes around here are blown out. Went out yesterday, couldn't catch anything., It's like 39 degrees at Yatesville and rolling chocolate milk. So, before I put this thing up, hopefully not for the rest of the winter, but as soon as I put it up, I want to make sure it's clean. My truck had an EGR cooler leak, which was blowing exhaust, or I'm sorry it was blowing antifreeze and coolant through my exhaust, and it was unbeknownst to me and it went all over my boat. Let's see if I can show you places of it here.

I don't know if you guys can see that black stuff there or not. Yeah, you can see it now, but there's little specks of that stuff all over my boat, and it's coolant. It's everywhere. You can't really see it much in the gel coat here, but it just feels rough to the touch. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to see what it looks like over here. It's overcast so you can't really tell how dirty it is. It's fairly clean. I like to keep my stuff fairly clean, but you can see all this stuff here. It's dirty up underneath here and the trolling motor's really dirty, especially up in here.

So what I'm going to do is I'm going to break out my Better Boat products. I'm going to start with the hull cleaner, and then I'm going to use some soap that I have. I'm actually out of the Better Boat soap right now, so I'm going to just use some random soap, wash my boat down. And then I have a new product here that I'm pretty excited to try out. This is a wax sealant, which is compatible or comparable to a ceramic coating or ceramic technology. How you use this stuff is, you wash your boat, make it really, really clean, clean as you can get it. Then while you're rinsing it off, get all the soap off from it, you spray this stuff with a spray bottle that comes included with this, approximately eight inches from your boat. Spray it all down until it's evenly coated and then you take a water hose and just wash it off. You wash it off until there's no white streaks or white bubbles left and then you can dry it as normal.

Make sure you get all this off there before you actually dry your boat, because if this stuff dries on there, it actually will dry white, which is not good. So again, we're going to start with the hull cleaner. I'm going to get that coolant off of there. I'm then going to wash the boat and then after that I'm going to try this wax sealant out and see how it goes. So you guys see it. I'll take some pictures here of the boat before and after. That way you guys can see it, as well as the final product. But you know you guys have seen it before, and I take care of my stuff. I like to try to keep everything clean as possible. You saw the boat carpet cleaning video, which by the way is one of my most popular videos out on YouTube. So it's way, way more dirty than it was when I shot that video, so I'm going to have to get that done eventually.

But today I'm not going to worry about it. When we get the outside of it done, I'm going to put my cover on it, put it back in my garage and be done with it until I fish again. This spring I'm going to get it out and detail it all out, get the carpet and stuff ready to go for this fishing season. So without further ado, let's get after this thing. Again, Better Boat hull cleaner first. I'm going to spray it down, wash it off, scrub it, then I'm going to wash it with some soap, hit it with the wax sealant. So see some before and after photos. How about a time lapse?

All right guys, again, just washed the boat really well, used the Better Boat instant hull cleaner. I used a scrub brush on it. You don't have to with that product. I just do it just so I can speed up the process a little bit as far as for myself. You can just spray that stuff on and it'll wash it right off with a water hose. It works really well. But I had some stubborn stains on here, again, from a having coolant leaked all over out of my truck all over my boat. So again, directions here. Thoroughly clean the surface prior to treating. Do not apply on a hot surface. It's 65 degrees here, overcast, looks like it's about to rain. It's not supposed to. I hope not, hope it holds off. Wet entire surface, hold bottle approximately eight inches from the surface and spray to mist with solution, taking care to cover entire area. Immediately hose off excess. Again, make sure you get it all off before you dry it, and you'll be good to go. So let's see what happens. All right, I'm going to do it half the time so it doesn't dry.

I can already tell a huge difference, man. This stuff just causes water just a sheet right off of here, and I'll show you guys an example here in just a second when I get this done. So there it is. I probably used way more than I should have, but almost a whole bottle for my boat. So take that in consideration and stuff. Supposed to do it once every 90 days or so, so a couple of bottles a year will last you, for sure. Stuff is pretty crazy. Again, it's just spray it on there and then spray it right back off. So check this out. I should have done a before and after, but this thing right here, you can see. It's gone. Same way with the motor. Just sheets right off of there.

So I'm going to take a second here to make sure that I get all this rinsed off really well, and then I'm going to take a leaf blower, blow most of the water off from it, and then I'm going to dry it down with shammy, an absorber. But again, these things right here, Better Boat products, guys, speak highly of these things. I have the deck cleaner for my pleasure boat. This is the first time I've tried this phenomenal product. I feel like that this is going to take... You know it's going to add years to my life because I don't have to go wipe my boat down as often. When I get out of the water it should just sheet right off. This stuff lasts about 90 days, roughly, is what the directions say here. I'll make sure that I'm telling you true. Yeah. May last up to 90 days.

It says for best results re-apply after each wash. Again guys, I probably overkilled this. First time I used it. I got a 21 foot boat here. I wanted to make sure to get it all covered. I need to get a hold of Jonathan with the company. I'm sure you can spray this on your trailer and everything. I didn't. I just wanted to make sure that I cleared that. I'll make sure that I post that in the comments below. I'm sure it's okay. I just want you to make sure that we're taking better care of our stuff, and Better Boat is some good stuff guys. I posted a video there a couple months ago about me cleaning my pleasure boat with the deck cleaner and instant hull cleaner. It was fairly clean anyway. You couldn't see much about it, but again, first time I've used this wax sealant, which is a ceramic coating of sorts.

You know, it does what it's advertised to do. If you guys want to get your hands on this stuff, go to the betterboat.com, or I'm going to drop some links down below this video for Amazon links. You go out there, pick it up. Their store actually ships through Amazon if I'm not mistaken, so you're buying directly off them, but through Amazon. So go check it out. Wax sealant. This stuff is going to save you a lot of time on and off the water. Make your rig look sweet.

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