Don't Make These Mistakes When Cleaning Your Boat

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The US boat sales reached a 13-year high in 2020, with the boom continuing throughout 2021. The increase in customer interest is due to Americans discovering the joys of being on the water. Boat maintenance is vital for keeping the vessel in good shape to get the most out of your investment.

Boat cleaning isn't as easy as it seems; there's so much you have to take care of. As a result, it can be a frustrating endeavor for the boat owners, whether skilled or novice. You'll likely make some costly mistakes during boat cleaning without the correct information.

Your vessel needs to be in tip-top shape before you take it out on the water. Keeping it clean is part of the maintenance since it helps your investment retain value. Ensure you stick to the right boat cleaning processes for the best outcomes.

Wondering what can go wrong when cleaning your boat? Continue reading to learn the boat maintenance mistakes to avoid.

Forsaking the Upholstery

If you think that you only need to clean the exterior, you're very wrong. Forsaking the upholstery during cleaning is a common mistake among boat owners.

The boat's cushions get dirty and are vulnerable to damage in their use. As a result, they warrant some attention when cleaning your boat.

Consider cleaning them more often since they're a component you mostly use. Continued cleaning will leave the upholstery looking fresh and feeling great for years. Vacuum them to get rid of the dirt and any stains as they happen for a better clean.

Cleaning the upholstery allows for regular inspections to help deal with any issues. Such a habit can save you substantial repair costs in the future, making it essential.

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Using the Wrong Cleaning Supplies

What items do you use to clean the boat? Using the wrong cleaning supplies is common for many first-time boat owners.

Boats are designed to last in the water, so they spot different materials in their finish. These materials require specialized cleaners to retain them in the same condition. Boats don't work well with universal cleaning products, so using these products can result in rust and pitting.

Using the wrong cleaning products causes wear and tear on the boat's surfaces. Therefore, you'll incur some hefty repair and replacement costs in the long term.

Ensure you buy the ideal boat care products for an effective clean. Using the right cleaning tools and boat products lowers the chances of surface damage. You'll thus reduce your spending on boat repair while your vessel retains appearance.

Not Rinsing the Boat Before Scrubbing

You might think to yourself, "My boat stays in the water; what's the need for rinsing?" Well, not rinsing before you start scrubbing is a colossal mistake that can cause damage.

Although your boat is mainly in the water, it picks up dirt and mud. The different debris in the mud can cause damage to the surface if you scrub on it. Scratches on your boat's finish won't be as effective in protecting the surface material in the future.

Consider rinsing when you pull the boat off the water and before you start washing. Once the boat is well rinsed, scrub away with a microfiber cloth or a soft sponge. The risk of scratches on the finish lowers with the use of suitable boat cleaning products.

Rinsing gets the mud and dirt off the boat's surface for easy cleaning. You also reduce the chances of scratching the finish, ensuring the boat's material retains a clean exterior. Take care of where you drain the mud in compliance with the Cleaning Boat Act.

You can watch this video for an easy and fast way to wash your boat! 

Letting the Boat Air Dry

Are you looking for a satisfactory clean? It can be a big cleaning mistake to let your boat air dry after pulling it from the water.

The boat displays a gel-like coat on the hull once you pull it out of the water. For most people, letting the moisture dry seems like a good option, but it isn't. Leaving the moisture to dry on its own makes achieving the sparkling clean on the finish a lot harder.

You should consider working on the boat while it's still wet. Actually, you should wet the surface more for a more effortless clean. Doing away with the dirt buildup will help achieve a fine polish on your boat.

Neglecting the Propeller Area

How often do you check your propeller? Probably not often. Neglecting the propeller during cleaning is a massive problem since it affects functionality.

The propeller moves fast but can accumulate some serious dirt. Failing to inspect and clean the propeller area can cause extensive damage. Therefore, you should check the propeller area and clean it as part of boat maintenance.

Propeller damage can be expensive to repair, so checking it every now and then is recommended. Identify signs of wear or corrosion on the propeller and make necessary repairs. You'll also need to pull off any ropes or fishing lines wrapped on the propeller to avoid damage to your boat.

Not Covering the Boat in Storage

It becomes challenging to have a great boating experience during harsh weather conditions. You'll need to have the boat in storage as you await better weather to take it back on the water. A major mistake for most beginners is not covering the boat in storage.

You're mistaken if you assume that the boat is safe in storage. Not covering the boat in storage exposes your vessel to damage from UV rays and corrosion elements. Pests and rodents also commonly destroy the upholstery and electrical components.

It would be best to avoid having a damaged boat by covering it in storage. The boat cover protects the surface from damage, thus preserving its unique appearance.

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You Now Know the Boat Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid During Cleaning

You have to be careful with cleaning your boat to avoid costly mistakes. The above article highlights mistakes and recommends a few boat maintenance tips. Using the right boat care products is among the cleaning tips vital to prevent boat damage.

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