Fun Boating Gear Guaranteed To Get The Party Started!

What to bring on the boat for large party group

Let's be honest here, having fun on the water is just a given. Why else would we want to get out there so often? There are times when it feels like things could be kicked up a notch though. Not everybody gets the same enjoyment out of a quiet day of fishing. Here's some fun boating gear that will get the party started!

The first thing you should consider is a quick clean-up of your boat. Our no-slip deck cleaner will get your vessel looking great with the added bonus of some added safety for all those (possibly soon-to-be drunk) guests. I'd also recommend some boat scuff erasers that will get some quality usage after the party as well.

Portable Ice-Maker

While I'm sure some of my European cousins would disagree on some level, there is nothing that will shoot a day or partying in the foot faster than warm drinks. It seems like such a simple thing and is quite easily forgotten but it's always one of the first things that I'll try to check off on a list of party supplies. It's absolutely impossible to carry all the ice that me and my guests will consume over a long weekend on the water. It's even more inconceivable to come up with a way to store it all.

Your party will be pooped if you can't keep all those drinks cold... What can possibly be done? Enter the illustrious portable ice maker! In under 10 minutes you can create all the ice you please to keep your drinks tasty and frigid. It really is a miracle of science that makes me exceedingly grateful to be alive in the current day and age. Sure, I'm floating on the water while using electronic devices to communicate with satellites but who cares about all that?? Look at this! Instant frozen water!!

Fun Boating Gear That Will Get The Party Started! mask drinks

Mobile Grill

You can certainly eat from packages all weekend long, but nothing can beat the taste of freshly grilled meat! Even the ceremony of prepping the meat and the grill is exciting to me, probably because my taste buds are raving to my brain about the part that will come shortly after. I don't exaggerate when I call it ceremonial either. You'll know what I mean if you've ever tried to grill on a crowded lake. You're very quickly going to become the most popular girl at the dance!

Gas vs. charcoal is an age-old debate and I won't stake my claim in the war between the gas-powered purists and charcoal traditionalists. It isn't a hill that I want to die on because at the end of the day I'm really here for the steak or burgers or schnitzels or, hell, I'll even partake in a hotdog if it really comes down to it. There is no part of a mobile grill that is a bad idea. Even an extremely basic one will serve and won't run up your bill.

Plenty of Cup Holders

Remember all that fuss I made about cold drinks? Now imagine having to hold that drink at every moment that you're on board. Even with a beer koozie to keep your hands from warming your drink up, it's still just plain annoying. Setting a drink down on a flat surface even when a boat is safely moored in the harbor is still a recipe for disaster, so what is the answer? That's right! Cup holders. Lots and lots of cup holders!!

Clip-on cup holders were a gift from heaven that even competes with my portable ice machine for the title of most important doohickey: A very prestigious and hotly contested title as you can probably imagine. You can even get the clip-on cupholders with all the bells and whistles! How would you like some LED lights in the bottom? A few cents and a 9V battery more can make that a reality. The dream I didn't know I had finally came true the day I bought a few sets of LED cup holders.

Fun Boating Gear That Will Get The Party Started! music DJ

Waterproof Speakers

A kickback full of drunken laughter can be tons of fun, but I know there are a couple of people out there that are in the mood to groove. Even if the music isn't the main attraction at your boat party, it can be turned low and set whatever mood you're looking to encourage among guests at your party. Music is so powerful, and you'll want to utilize that tool for maximum enjoyment of both your and your visitors.

You'll definitely want them to be waterproof and if they have Bluetooth capability you'll experience a level of mobility that you never thought possible. Waterproof Bluetooth speakers really are the gift that keeps on giving! You'll probably also want to make sure that the speaker can float. I wouldn't recommend tossing it into the water on a regular basis like some kind of pool toy, but accidents do happen and if you don't invest upfront it could become a very expensive mistake.

Speaking of pool toys...

Bring On The Toys!

You can throw a great yacht party, but the level of personalization is minimal. My favorite category and possibly the most gratuitous. If you've got every single item on the above list you'll already be a superstar, but if you pull out some Super Soakers and pool noodles from below deck? I guarantee that your party will be sent into orbit. You'd be surprised at the kind of effect an inflatable shark floaty can have on a full grown adult when inhibition goes out the window!

The best part of all is that there's really no size limit. There are floating islands that are the size of multiple mattresses. It can be a real workout to get them inflated but once you do it's sure to be a hot spot. Just make sure you keep it tethered to the boat. Nothing can kill a party quicker than one of the guests floating away into the night. Always remember: Safety first!