How to Keep your Sea Deck and Leather Clean [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Yo, yo, yo. Welcome back to the channel TV Logs. Absolutely gorgeous weekend to be down at the marina. Got a few things we've got to get done today. First, got to flip these tops around. The person that we store it with put them on backwards and we can't zip up the sides, so got to get that fixed. Above these tops, there is a radar arch and we've got some speakers that we got to put on there. After we get all that done, we're going to clean up the boat, so let's get started.

The first thing we got to tackle is these tops. This one here goes at the back. The back one there goes in the front. We're going to spin them around. 

All right, time to put this together the right way. Finally, got it worked out, sides fit. Now I'm going to get the speakers up on the radar arch. Time to mount the speakers. That's a lot of work. Okay, so we've got two done, right there and there. We've got two more to go.  Okay, we got three up, one, two, three. One more to go.  All right, four. Done.

Well, now that the speakers are working, we can get some audio going in here and get this boat cleaned up. Before we get cleaning, need some energy. Going to head to Timmies and get a coffee. 

A Turkey Bacon Club. Thank you. 

Coffee acquired. No more excuses. Time to get this boat clean. Okay, it's time to get cleaning. So, my good friends at Better Boat Products sent me a wonderful array of cleaning products that we get to use today. Okay, so let's have a quick look at what they sent me. First, we have the Better Boat Instant Hull Cleaner. This stuff is amazing. You just spray it on your hull, leave it for a few minutes, rinse it off, and it becomes sparkling clean. Nice and simple, easy to use.

Then we have the Deck Cleaner. This is great for non-slip finishes, especially if you have something like Sea Deck. Yeah, same instructions, guys. Just, basically, put it on, leave it for a few minutes, scrub it with a deck brush if you want to, then rinse it off. So, another great product from Better Boats.

And then, of course, once we have everything clean, you have to wax your boat. We've got the Marine Polish here to give us that nice glistening shine.

And then, if you park in a marina, you're definitely going to get a little bit of mold, a little bit of mildew and spider poop. So, we've got the Mildew and Stain Remover here. This stuff is great for your leather and your vinyl. You just put it on, wipe it off. Give it a little scrub with the scrub brush if you need to, wipe it off with a soft, clean cloth, away you go.

And last but not least, once you have your vinyl or your leather cleaned, you want to get your Leather Conditioner. So, this product is great. It gives your leather a nice kind of shine to it. Basically, it makes it look brand new again.

So, if you want to get some of these Better Boat products for your boat, head into the description down below where I've put some direct links where you can pick this stuff up and get your boat nice and shining and clean like mine. Speaking of, time to get cleaning. 

Got to go get the hose now. 

Nice shine. This turned out super awesome. Great job, Better Boat Products. You made a great product here. Cleaned up the Sea Deck really well. After and what it looked like before. All right, time to get packed up and head home for the work week.

And just like that, the weekend is over. Got the boat all closed up, ready for next weekend, nice and sparkling, shiny, clean. Huge thank you to Better Boat Products. If you want to see more videos like this one, make sure you head down below, smash that Subscribe button. If you liked this video, make sure you hit that Like button. Until next time, take it easy out there.

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