How To Throw An Amazing Yacht Party!

Tips for throwing a great boat party

There isn't much that get people more excited than a party on the water. That's why yacht parties have remained a favorite venue for any celebration. I'm not sure if it's the scenery, the luxury, or the lack of laws when floating through international waters. If you need to amaze friends and family at your gathering, a yacht party is just the ticket. It can be a classy soiree, or a rocking kegger. That's your call. We don't judge.

The only issue is, how do you even throw a yacht party? Just shove an assortment of people on a boat and hope that things work out? Definitely not. As with most things, success comes from an inordinate amount of planning. It is time well spent though, because if you can pull off a killer yacht party? You're guaranteed to be the stuff of legend for a long time to come. People will still be mentioning it, even at your funeral.

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Chartering a Yacht

I know a lot of mariners, but nobody with a yacht. If you're in the same situation, that means you're going to be chartering a yacht. The cost can actually be surprisingly cheap depending on the number of people and the amenities. Definitely do your research and if you need to pay a little more for a reputable company, don't hesitate to do so. A poorly trained crew or unkempt facilities are not worth paying for.

If you do manage to find someone willing to lend you a yacht, ensure that you clean it before and after the party. We have a boat soap concentrate that works wonders! On top of that, our non-slip deck cleaner can help ensure none of your guests take a tumble overboard.

Most charter yachts will let you choose your cruise and you can start the party dockside, hop on for the yacht party, then continue reveling in a completely different port. It is quite an experience. When throwing a yacht party, you are the captain. That means you're calling the shots and dictating where the ship will go. Alternatively, you can just create an itinerary and hand it off to the crew. The less micro-managing, the more you can enjoy the yacht party!

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Picking A Yacht Party Theme

You could go with a classic nautical theme. White and blue stripes with a splash of red? It serves just fine, but try not to limit yourself. A yacht party is absolutely the time to let your mind run wild. How about a murder mystery party? If your friends are the theatrical type, they're sure to get a big kick out of it. Perhaps you love the 80s? Maybe you want a disco night? It is your time to create the shindig of your dreams!

If you're having trouble picking a theme StyleCaster has 51 Theme party ideas that translate relatively well to a yacht party. Dig through and let it spark your creative juices. Once the theme is chosen you're already halfway there, but there is a lot to consider in order to pull the theme completely together and throw a raging yacht party that will echo throughout history. Maybe that's a bit dramatic. But still, it's gonna be good!

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Folks, Food, Tunes

Decorating for a yacht party is a relatively simple matter. A few tiki torches and palm fronds and you're ready to rock. In my experience, what people remember the most are the above three things. So let's take them one by one.

Who was there?

Think carefully on this one. It might seem cruel to not invite everyone you know, but there is only so much room aboard. Besides, great aunt Gertrude isn't going to enjoy that toga-party kegger the same way that Jessica from that hot sorority will. Inversely, Jessica is probably going to have a difficult time fitting in during the swanky soiree once she's downed her 9th Jagerbomb of the night.

Aside from choosing who fits the bill, it's important to keep a gender ratio of at least 60% women to 40% men. Men have an internal calculator, and if the odds aren't in their favor they won't hesitate to bail at the first opportunity.

What did we eat?

Food should always fit. Oysters at the soiree, barbeque at the kegger. You should never throw a party without offering your guests something to eat, and the more selection the better. Take note of dietary choices, as you don't want your vegan friends to feel excluded. In addition to eating, drinks are practically a must. An open bar is always a hit, and it will get people in the mood to really cut loose.

Don't forget the ice! Once again, variety is your friend but if you can only have a couple of choices then consider the theme. Beer belongs at a toga party, martinis are the right choice for your star-studded gala.

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What was the music like?

The final piece of this magical trifecta is the music. If you're having a nostalgic disco night with a high class karaoke machine might be the key to victory. If you are hiring a DJ, ensure that you vet them completely. Most people don't consciously pay much attention to the music,  A few dud songs in a row can put a damper on the entire night, even if everything else is amazing.

Double check that your chosen DJ completely understands the theme and has the music to back it up. You can prescribe a set list, but a DJ worth paying for should be able to figure things out without needing to be led around by the nose. Once again, that leave much more time to focus on other aspects like enjoying your smashing shindig.

Final Word on Yacht Parties

A yacht party can be an intimidating thing to undertake, and a good alternative is to hire a planner who can work out the small details. That all depends on your budget and how deep you're willing to dig into your pockets, but when it all comes together it is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Be sure to take lots of pictures of videos!