If you Use your Boat in Saltwater DO THIS! [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Hey guys, welcome back to yet another video. And today I want to show you how to better protect your outboard in a saltwater environment using these three items. The rain just started coming down here, but regardless, BetterBoat was nice enough to send me their DE-SALT Concentrate. And this is one of the best things you can use for an outboard motor in a saltwater environment. Saltwater is an absolute killer to these engines and not for the reason you may think of corrosion, we have [inaudible 00:00:28] to protect from there. The biggest problem is salt build up in the block itself. This can block passageways, it can reduce water flow, and that can make your engine run very hot, overheat, and you can possibly destroy it.

We ran into this issue when we had the Yamaha in the back of this boat and I do want to prevent this with this new Suzuki 250. Now, this product is eco-friendly and biodegradable, and it can be used on numerous items. It can be used on the hull of your boat, wood, aluminum, many other surfaces, vinyl. And this is a great product to use, as with [inaudible 00:00:58], to clean your boat trailer once you bring it back from launch, or cleaning up the hull towards the end of a season, or as I'm doing today, running it through an outboard engine.

You only need four items to do this, a water hose, some ear muffs, your DE-SALT, and an applicator. Applicators can be found on Amazon. You should always carry some earmuffs with you on your boat, these can be found anywhere. And you go to better thebetterboat.com in order to buy some DE-SALT.

Now what we'll do is we'll go ahead and we'll fill this canister, fill it up with BOAT DE-SALT, and with this canister, you can actually change the mixtures. So were going to go ahead and put the canister up to the earmuffs, this up to a water hose, run only water through until it gets to operating temperature. Once that happens all we do is flip it to mixture and that's going to run DE-SALT through the engine clearing out all the deposits that may be in the engines blade.

I wasn't able to get enough water pressure using the earmuffs as well as the applicator. So I took the applicator I put it to this flushing cord. I went ahead and used the earmuffs, got the engine to operate at temperature. And what we do now is turn the water hose on, start the mixture and let it run through the engine. It's still going to clean out all the deposits through the engine block. 

In just a few minutes we did some preventative maintenance that can save us thousands in the lifetime of this engine. Once again big thanks to Better Boat for sending me this product. I'll definitely be using it on this boat quite often and a new boat that I hope I will be getting in the next few months, you all stay tuned for that.

Anyway, guys, I do hope you'll enjoy this video and found it helpful. If you do please make sure to share this link and subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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