Keep Mud Off your ATV Using this Trick [VIDEO]

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Hey guys, welcome back to again another video and today we're going to try to reduce the amount of mud that gets on the ATV while we're out hunting this season.

I'm going to be trying out a product sent to me by Better Boat. This is made for boats, RVs, trucks, but today we're putting it to the ultimate test and using it on an ATV. This thing gets a lot of dirt, it gets a lot of water on it, so if it can repel dirt and water off of this, it could certainly do it for other vehicles. The most important thing you can do when using products such as this is to read the directions and follow them clearly. So first thing I need to do is go to this vehicle. I'm going to power wash it off, I'm going to clean it off and I'm just going to make sure that we're actually adhering to the surface and not any dirt on top. So that's going to be the first job.

Better Boat Wax Sealant

The ATV is all cleaned up and there's four places I want to place this product to try it out. The first part is going to be this front panel right here. I want to see how well it does on this hydro chip or painted plastic on top. We're also going to see how it does on this metal on top and we're going to see how it does on this plastic shroud. This doesn't have a coding or anything on it, it's just pure plastic. And one thing I'm really interested in, this headlight has a UV protected coating. We're going to see all well it adheres to that as well.

The part that's going to be getting the most abuse is definitely the footwells on this ATV. I have a foot shift, so I want to see how well it holds up to just degradation of just my foot pounding on it all the time. So, that's something else we're going to test. And finally, we're going to try this metal rack out, painted metal rack. We'll see how well it adheres to this and see if it does give the gloss and shine I'm hoping for.

This product is water cured, so I'm going to go ahead and take the hose, spray everything off that I want to put the sealant on and I'm going to spray the sealant on top and wash away the excess. 30-seconds after applying it and you can already see a massive difference. On this side, the water's all beaded up like it should be. And on this side, it really isn't. The headlight has water glossed over it. This entire panel has water glossed over it. But over here, look at that. All that water is just beaded up. So essentially what the sealant does is, it creates a surface that's very slick and hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't have an affinity with water.

So we have this water beads up like this, it makes it much, much easier to clean. And you could just see all down these panels as well, down this plastic guard all throughout here, water's beaded up all the way around. Even back here, look at this metal, it's all beaded up. But when you check out the side I didn't spray, it's laying flat, which can actually cause more corrosion.

So while this may cost a little bit money to start off with, it could save you plenty in the long run. Now the product works great in the yard, but this ATV was made to be used. So this afternoon we're going to go out. There's some mud holes on the way out to the land, stuff of that nature. So really putting this stuff to the test, and that's the whole point of this. Now we're going to see if the side that has sealant on it improves the easability of washing afterwards, compared to the side that doesn't have sealant on it. I already have my assumptions, but I'll let y'all see it a little bit later.

I've got a lot of mud on me now, so we definitely coated the four-wheeler pretty well, and check this out. Look at this result. We have mud cakes everywhere all along this plastic right here, the headlight's completely caked, all along this front guard. You could already see where it's drying up. It's all flat. It's just laying everywhere. There's no beading. On the other side though, it's beaded up all along this plastic. It's not dried up yet. It's beaded all along the headlight, so you get much better visibility. We've got beading all along the top of the bars. We've got beading all around this panel of the four-wheeler, beading on this footwell, all of that, beading on top of everything back here on this metal, so really did an excellent job.

The other side, not so fortunate, it's going to take a lot more elbow grease. If you look over here, you see where it's just starting to drizzle down. There's not much beading, anything of that nature. All this, it's going to be streaking down. That side, it's going to be a heck of a lot harder to clean when we get back, I guarantee you. That's an awesome result. If that doesn't prove it, I don't know what will.

It is very, very clear to me that the sealant definitely helps keep the ATV cleaner throughout the day, as well as make it much easier to clean once you get home. I will definitely be using more of it in the future because it makes clean-up just such a breeze. Now, two other things that's going to help you with your clean-up is one, don't let it sit around. Don't let it cake-up. Don't let it dry. It makes it much more difficult to get off. Go ahead and clean it once you're done for the day. And number two, if you have a pressure washer, that's just going to save you a tremendous amount of time. If you have one, go ahead and use it.

Big thanks to Better Boat for sending me this product to test out. Did an excellent job today and although it is supposed to be used for boats, obviously it's very good with trucks, RVs and ATVs, as we found out today. If you're interested in picking some up for yourself, I will have a link in the description below for you to go check that out. Other reasons you may want to consider them. It's a family-owned company down in Miami, Florida, and this product is American-made.

Guys, I hope you found this video helpful to keep your ride looking much cleaner and preserving it for long-term use. If you did, please make sure to share, like, subscribe for more. Thanks for watching.


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