Leather and Vinyl Cleaner and UV Protection [VIDEO]

Video Transcription

Hey guys, Tony with SeattleBoatDetailing.com. Today's short video is going to be basically a review of Better Boat Leather Cleaner and Conditioner with UV Protectant. I've got some leather here. I've got a little bit of the product already on a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser square. I've been using the product outside and it seems to work really well. I just wanted to do a short section inside to see a before, during and after comparison.

You may have seen in some of my other videos, I will sometimes just use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with water and that's great for cleaning, but you always want to come back with some protectant, too. This product states that it's got a UV protectant in it and it looks like it does a pretty good job, fairly easy to use.

All right guys, here's a little before section of what I'm doing. That's what I'm using, just a little bit of the product on a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and then that's after. Unfortunately, I'm standing on the back of a boat, a little bit windy day. Can't really set up my tripod and/or balance well enough to really do this. Well actually, let me give it a shot. So just a light wiping back and forth, nothing major. And then coming back through with the microfiber and wiping it off. There you go.

All right guys, on this one I wanted to put it right on the product or on the area I'm going to clean, actually. Gave it a little smiley face because so far I am liking it. So there is a little bit of residual from the last section I did on this. In fact, let me just go to a new one or a newer piece where there's not any product on this one. There's a little dimple because I was using it on the other side, but there's nothing in that. It's completely dry. And of course I flicked some away as I did that. I meant to do it halfway and then I just kept going, so I apologize for that. I'm not going to have a super good half and half, but at least I got a stopping point up there. You can tell the difference between where I got to and where I haven't, hopefully. All right, that's the dirt that came off and that's what it looks like both before and after. It's kind of a cloudy day, so I don't have the best of light and I'm inside the boat right now, so not best light conditions. But overall I think there's a clear line between where I've done and where I haven't. Hopefully you're getting that in the video.

Overall, yeah, pretty happy with it, better Boat Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Here's all the info if you want to contact them or visit their site for their other products, also going to include a link right to their Amazon site.

And so now I've done the top two portions of the seating and some of the things I did notice about the product is it goes a long way. It spreads really well. It stays wet. The problem with some of these type of products is sometimes if you put them on a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, i just kind of absorbs and it dries out and it doesn't really go very far. This particular product seems to do that well. So I was able to just put a very small amount onto the little square I'm using, and then do the whole top, front, all the way around the sides and the back before I had to reapply for the next one. And so, I do like that about that. Again, it's not greasy. It's not shiny. It's not gross. This is not Armor All. Good leather cleaner, conditioner, protectant. So thumbs up.

So again, thanks for watching. This has been Tony with SeattleBoatDetailing.com reviewing Better Boat Leather Cleaner and Conditioner. Peace.


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