Make your Boat Look Like New, Seriously [VIDEO]

Video Transciption

What is up everyone? Today we got our beautiful Nautique here. We took it out on the lake today, it was really fun. But I definitely want to go onto something cool here. I haven't really seen these but it's called like an eraser and I used the Mr. Clean ones but they don't really work as well on this kind of stuff. So I have like a boat specific one, a boat eraser. There's three of them in here and then they come in these nice little rectangles. And all you do is you get them wet and then you just rinse them out and then they're good to go and you erase it. And I've had these like pink marks from, I don't know, it's either a wake board or a ski or something. And I've tried to use polish to get them off, that didn't work and then wax but obviously wax wouldn't work. And so I'm pretty stoked about these actually. So I'm going to show you a couple of things around the boat and we're just going to erase a couple marks.

All right. Now I don't have a lot of marks on my boat but when I do it really does bother me. And you can see this tiny little one, this must have been from like a wake board or a ski. Once again, I've used polish trying to polish that off and it doesn't work. So all you do, just get this thing a little wet. And like magic, I mean it just takes it off, I'm impressed. I mean, take a look. You can't even see anything.

All right, now you can see that I've got this real nasty scratch right here. And so I've got some polish in here and you can see, I've already done this before, but I just want to show you, it's not really coming out. So we're going to go ahead and take that off, bring this out. I noticed it's kind of good if you like squeeze it to get it wet on the outsides of the sponge and then just work your way in. Get that last little mark and boom, I mean come on, that is amazing. This boat is brand spanking new now. There's no more scratches or dings.

Once again, I polished all of this stuff, but this is a scratch and then this is a combination of a scratch and some residue right here. So let's go ahead and see if it works. Bring it out. Holy moly. Now that looks amazing. Look at that. There is nothing left of that. That looks really good. We also got another docking scratch right here. Go ahead and squeeze it. And boom, it looks really clean.

All right, so now for the interior we got this nice little scratch here and it's pretty dirty. I mean, come on, that looks like it's a brand new boat. Look at this, it's darker up here and then shinier down here. Look how dirty it was. And then once it's this dirty all you've got to do is spray it. Boom, you got yourself a brand new sponge.

Overall, I am really impressed with this, this boat eraser, thumbs up. I mean it's really cool. This boat is starting to look in top shape and it usually is and there's just a couple little imperfections, but this is looking really good. I really like this thing, so thumbs up on it. Check the link below. Thanks.

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