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What's up, guys, welcome back to the channel. Today I'm going to be talking about how I clean my boat. One reason why I'm going to share this with you is I think that I found a way that dramatically helps me save tons of time after I get off the water.

Most of us, especially being in salt water, as I'm a saltwater charter captain in Southwest Florida. Salt water is very corrosive and could damage a lot of components on your boat. So one of the ways that we can do to combat that corrosion and keep our vessel looking nice and clean for quite some time is washing it every time we get off the water.

After being on the water for say eight hours or so, you come back and you want to make sure that you take care of your vessel, so it takes care of you in a long time. However, a lot of times myself, I'm really exhausted after I get back, and I just hate it when it takes a long time. So I figured I'd make this video and show you how I do it. Since I've made the change to this, not only does my boat stay clean, it's cleaned a lot faster and way more efficient.

One of the things that's really helped me is I found a new product that I use. That product is a Better Boat Soap, which is right here. Now I know there's a lot of boat soaps out on the market, right? There's tons of them. The benefit that I like the most about this is, one, it's eco-friendly. So for all you out there that don't have access or the ability like I do is, I keep my boat on the trailer, so I don't have to work around a boat lift or anything along the lines of that to wash my boat. This is eco-friendly, as you can see. So which means, everyone out there that has a boat that's sitting on a boat lift, you could easily wash your boat with this product.

Outside of that, here's the true benefit that saves me tons and tons and tons of time is I have switched the way I apply my soap. And the reason why I did that is it saves me generally about another 30 minutes' working time doing it this way as opposed to doing the old school method where you take a five-gallon bucket and your brush and you put some soap in there, you hose it off, right? You do your fresh water rinse down first and then you go back with soap and water, scrub it down, and then do another rinse off.

What I found that saved me a lot of time is switching over a foam cannon. If you don't know what a foam cannon is, I'll leave a link down below, but this is a game changer. Not only will it change the way that you wash your boat, this will change the way you wash your truck and your car. But today we're going to talk about the boat.

The reason why I made the switch to Better Boat is when utilizing this foam cannon, it creates a massive amount of cleaning foam, as opposed to any other boat soap that's out there. On top of that, if it gets really, really bad, I go out and I go off shore or I'm out with the buddies, and the boat gets really bad. The deck gets just completely soiled with blood, guts, whatever, when you know you had a really good fishing day. I used their Deck Cleaner. Now again, there's a lot of deck cleaners out on the market. You can go to any marine supply facility or online or vice versa, and pick up some deck cleaner.

Here's the difference of this Deck Cleaner. I can use my foam cannon, which saves me a ton of time. So when I use this foam cannon, I spray the foam layer. It sits in there. I give it time to soak in there. That really helps break up the blood and the dirt and the grime. It also gets in those crevices where the salt likes to sit and get real corrosive. That's what I find that's a major benefit of using this foam cannon is getting those crevices where that salt sits, and when you go back and wash it away, it washes all the soap away.

So, again, foam cannon and using Better Boat Soap and Deck Cleaner. Again, you can use other products, but what I can tell you for sure is these products, they foam so well coming out of a foam cannon. And I'm only using an electric pressure washer. I'm not using gas. So I will even show you how that's done.

Last but not least, yes, there's other what we like the call erasers out on the market, right? However, these are specifically made for using on boats, on your vessel, not just for washing dishes or cleaning your wall. So these are going to hold up a lot better than over those ones that you find in your grocery store. I'll show you how I get some marks that are on my trawling motor from my cover, because I keep my cover on my boat when I'm not in use. And then I'll show you how these actually work real well on gel coat as well. And they last a lot longer and they hold up a lot better.

So again, welcome. I know you're here to see how it is. Let me show you how I do it. So let's go.

All right, so welcome. What I'm going to show you now is the first step. Like I said before, if you have your deck that's really grimy, after blood, guts, it really needs some of that extra love. I'll show you how to use the deck cleaner and how I insert it into my foam cannon. You can get pretty much any foam cannon that you find on eBay. What I do is, I don't know if the camera could pick it up, I just got a little line that's marked there. It's about five ounces of product, usually about five or six ounces of product. So it's not like that you take this whole bottle and fill it up here. You don't do that. You just fill it up until about this line that gives you the certain amount of solution that you need. Because again, this is like a concentrate, and then you fill the rest up with water. And what that does for you is when you hook it up to your pressure washer, it gives you that nice foam that you're looking for to really penetrate into each crevice and sit on that fiberglass to help really break down any dirt, grime, that you have. So let me show you how I do it.

Again, the majority of these, they just twist off. I'm going to go ahead and take my Better Boat Deck Cleaner right here. Like I said, you can use other deck cleaners, but the difference that I've really found with this one is it foams really well, especially for a deck cleaner out of foam cannon. So I'm just going to take it and I'm going to fill it up. And that's about all the product that you go ahead and put in there. Now I'm going to go ahead and get this filled up with water, and then we're going to start foaming it up. Let's go.


I like clean and foam. So, that's how you foam it. You just let it sit for about three to five minutes, and then scrub it down. Let's go.


As you can see, it's foaming pretty good. I foamed the front first and the back at the same time, and I've already scrubbed down the whole front, and this is the amount of foam that's still sitting here. It's really getting into each and every bit of the crevices to help prevent that corrosion from salt water. It gets all the dirt, grime, and again, the reason why this saves me so much time is I didn't have to do a rinse down first. I let the foam soak down, break down the soap, and then after I scrub it, I go back down with the rinse down. I just saved one single step. Plus, I'm not going around dipping my brush in a bucket. The soap is already here.


All right, so I just went ahead and scrubbed down the deck. Foam's still sitting on there after scrubbing it down. I just got to hose it off right now. But what I want to do is show you what I was talking about with these Boat Erasers. Go ahead and [inaudible 00:10:08] one of these out.

Check this out, man. These things are sweet. Definitely way more durable. Let's check it out. Again, this is made for your boat. As you can see right here, on my trawler motor here, I've got some dirt buildup right there. That's really from my cover. It is a royal pain in the neck to get off, and you can't get it off with a brush. So what I do is I'll just take the Better Boat Eraser, just give it a nice couple of scrubs here. What it's doing is just breaking that down. Check that out. Definitely does the job. Sweet. That's the eraser.

Another example, I got these vinyl bolsters, and as you can see, there's a mark right there. Again, it didn't come off with just the regular scrub brush. Take this. Looks brand new. Awesome.

All right, one other final example. I just can't seem to get this mark off. Done. These things are fricking sweet, and as you can see, look, it's not even wearing down at all. Awesome.

All right? Now it's time for the rinse down. I went ahead, I foamed it, I scrubbed it. Now I'm switching over to my turbo nozzle on my electric pressure washer. Let's get this soap off and get it back and nice and clean. Let's go.


Nice and clean. Super fast. All right, now let's move on to the hull. All right, we got the top side of the boat done. Now, it's time to move on to the hull. So what we're going to do is use the Better Boat Soap. Like I said, this is super concentrated, works really well in the foam cannon, where it's going to speed up the process. Nothing's changed to the amount that we use. Again, I have a little line, it's really hard to see, but it's there, a little black line I marked with a Sharpie. That's about, like I said, about four to five ounces of soap. So I'm going to take it and I'm going to go ahead and pour the soap inside. Whoops. Little overflow right there. That about right? It's about right. Again, eco-friendly, for everyone that's on a boat lift or around the water where you got to wash your boat. So I'm going to fill this up with water and we're going to be, next time you'll see me, we'll be foaming. Let's go.


Woo! Got it done. Top's done. And we went ahead and finished up that hull with the foam cannon, went ahead and sprayed it down, gave it a nice scrub, as you can see, and it came out great.

You guys have any other ideas that you think that would help me out? You know what? I would really like to know how you guys wash your boats at home. Leave it down in the comments below. Any of the Better Boat products that I used today, I'll go ahead and link them down below. Also, if you want to give me a follow on Instagram at [knottyknotsFL 00:16:17], you can definitely keep up with the fish that I'm on, and if you want to go fishing with me myself, feel free to direct message me and we can get you on a Tarpon of a lifetime. Snooker a redfish.

Hey, I hope that this video definitely helped you out. Won't you do me a favor as well? Go ahead and hit that subscribe button, because I'm going to be doing some more things on boats. How do you a buff, how do you wax it, ceramic coating is coming as well. So, I'll show you how I ceramic coat. Outside of that, I stay on top of fishing tips and tricks here in Southwest Florida on the west side of Florida. Thank every one of you again. [inaudible 00:16:58] line.

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