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How's it going everyone? Today you're reviewing two new products from the company, The Better Boat, so I have their wax sealant and their boat cleaning wipes. So the wax sealant is meant to be used after you clean your boat. And I have another video that talks about using The Better Boat soap, which works fantastic, I'll have that linked up over here somewhere.

So all you have to do with this stuff is once you're done cleaning the boat, the surface obvious has to be clean. You wet the surface, you spray it on very liberally, and then you just hose it off, that's pretty much it. It's a synthetic sealant and if that works, that'd be huge because you saved so much time on waxing because normally you'd have to wax on, wax off and that takes a lot of time.

The other product here is the boat cleaning wipes. These are kind of just meant in my mind, for if you're around the boat and you're out on it something gets dirty, you can just wipe it down. But what's really nice about this, it has a UV protectant. So it's better than using just like a Clorox wipe or something because any sort of protectant you have on the surface is going to get wiped away. So this way you can clean your boat and protected at the same time because that's what we like to do.

So I'm going to go ahead and test the wax sealant first. Show you guys how that works. What I'm going to do here is I have our boat, I'm going to tape off a half section and I've already cleaned the surface with isopropyl alcohol. I'll show you that the water does not bead up on the surface, then I'm going to wet the surface on one side, spray it with this stuff and then spray it off and you guys can see the difference and decide for yourself.

Here's my tape line, I have cleaned both sides of this off with isopropyl alcohol, and what that does is it removes any waxes, greases, anything that's on the surface. So this can be the most fair tests as possible. So I'm going to take a garden hose and spray this down and you going to see the water does not bead, it just going to sheet off the surface very slowly. So then when I apply the wax sealant, we'll be able to see if the test side, the water beads off as it should. So here I'm just going to spray it off a regular garden hose.

So you can see the water really does not bead at all, it's pretty much just sheeting off. Here's a little bit more up close, look at it.

See the water is sheeting and there's no real beading action happening. So now what the instructions say to do with this product is just get the surface very wet, spray, very liberal amount on, and then immediately spray it off. It does say that if you don't spray the excess off quickly, it can cause a white streaks. You just want to make sure you get all of it off as quick as you can. So I'm going to do, is I'm going to make sure the right side here it's very wet, and then I'm going to spray this, very liberal amount.

So this is what you do after you clean your boat and your boat still wet, you just spray it on there. Now I'm going to just take the garden hose and spray it off. Just like the instructions say. You can see the difference on the right side, just how much the water is beading light off and compared to the left side, so it sheets up, and then look at the right side, it just beads right off. That's huge that difference. That's insane, the water beads right off and they would clean right off so much easier, that's going to avoid having different bugs and grease and dirt and things sticking onto your boat when you're driving and when you're in the lake so. This is very impressive to me otherwise, you'd have to spend a lot of time waxing your boat. This saves a ton of time.

I just wanted to give you as a up-close look just at how good this product works. So again, the left side here is just no product done on it, and then right side has The Better Boat wax product. So I'm just going to drizzle some water and you guys can see the beading difference. So see how that sheets up and then look at this side, it beads, the difference is huge. That's a big sheet of water and then there's some beading there, that's really impressive for how much effort it takes.

The next product I'm going to show is the boat cleaning wipes. So these are kind of just meant for around the boat, when you have some quick stuff you need to clean up. The wipes come like this, you can dispense one out, break it off, actually has a breaker in there if you load it properly, and then close it up. So you're going to store these around your boat and they don't take up much space. So the wipe also has a nice little fresh lemon scent, I'm just going to go ahead and see how it cleans up some of this stuff, like around here.

So you can see all that dirt it picked up, I'm going to fold it over and try to pick up some more. Try to clean out the sink cause this is an area that gets exposed to a lot of weather all the time. Can see just how much stuff it's picking up.

So you can see these wipes, obviously clean stuff pretty well and that's not surprising to me. I would expect most wipes to clean pretty well. The important thing here is the fact that this is now UV protected. I don't know of any other product out there, but you can have just such a simple wipe, you pick up, you clean it off and you're protected. Because most other products you're going to clean it off, and then this surface, is going to be exposed to UV radiation, then it's going to get shocky and you're going to have to polish it again. So if you want to take the time and polish this, you definitely want to use something that's going to protect it. So I would definitely recommend these especially you consider how expensive boats are. You might as well at least buy a product that's good to clean it with.

After testing both of these products, I definitely give both on a solid thumbs up. They both exceeded my expectations. The wax sealant, makes life so much easier now because I always liked to try to clean off the boat before or after reuse it. I just don't have enough time in the day to try to wax the boat after every single use or even spray wax sometimes can take time. So now the fact that I can just clean the boat and as I'm drying it, spray that on, spray it off and I'm protected and have a sealant on it, that's huge. And it says it lasts for up to 90 days too, so you don't even have to do it for every wash and it's going to make your washers much easier.

Don't forget to tune to check out my video on the boat, because those two products and combination going to be a great, great combo. Also, the boat wipes here super, super good. I forgot to mention how good the lemony scent is, it's still on my hands. It's really nice, especially to like, we use this boat not only for family stuff, but fishing stuff. I could see those coming into handy wanting to get blood or something in the boat and you want to clean it out real quick.

Definitely give both of these products a look and all their other products. I'll have everything that I used in this video linked in the description. I'll have a link to their website as well, and if you like what you see, don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and browse everything else. Hope everyone has a great day and thanks for watching.

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