The Best Fishing Boats for Anglers

What are the best fishing boats that hold poles

There aren’t many experiences as sublime as those that happen on the water, with a reliable rod in hand and all for the thrill of fresh game.

They’re even better with the right angling vessel. Choosing the right boat can be overwhelming given the numerous types of boats available and their diverse features. But selecting the perfect boat can create long-term memories filled with thrilling fishing expeditions.

Different fishers have different needs, and for that reason, we’ve created a guide recommending boats for various types of fishers.

Read on for the best fishing boats for your specific needs, and why they continue to impress serious anglers.

Family-Friendly Boats

If you want to create long-lasting memories for your family with a quality vessel, you’ve got options. These boats accommodate any average-sized family and have the perfect amenities for a seamless fishing experience.

Grady-White Freedom 285

This dual-console boat is both family-friendly and versatile. This model isn’t just reliable and easy to handle, but it’s perfect to lounge in too. As Grady-White Boats states, it also comes with a "wide beam, open cockpit, and plentiful features including plush seating and a port side cockpit door with boarding ladder", making this a spacious boat that does not cheap out on quality and comfort.

Their benefits don’t stop at wraparound lounges. This boat comes with a wet bar with a freshwater sink, slide-out trash can, and storage drawer. You won’t have to worry about handling both rogue equipment and hyper kids.

Scout 350LXF

Known for its innovative functioning and classic visual aesthetics, this attractive craft is a life-long favorite for many anglers — and not just for those that want a family boat. The company’s newly transformed building process creates boats that are hundreds of pounds lighter than previous models, producing more fuel-efficient vehicles. That means that while this boat certainly doesn’t sacrifice legroom, the boat is much easier to navigate and drive than other boats its size.

One of its most attractive features is its enclosed cabin below deck. There’s enough room for meal prep if needed and its seating can be turned into a bed. That means if your kid or spouse is tired after an arduous sea fishing adventure, they can easily knock out for a nap.

The facilities above deck are just as comfortable, even sporting a wraparound windshield that prevents water from obnoxiously spraying your family. All this produces a luxurious experience for your family with exceptional functionality.

Boats For When You’re on a Budget

If you’re looking to save money or just want a basic boat that’s easy to maintain, then these vessels will impress you with their utility and value. These boats offer efficient cruising and are still great for serious fishers.

Tracker Topper 1542

This is the cheapest boat on this list and one of the cheapest quality boats you’ll find anywhere. Weighing 190 lbs with a $1500 price tag, this boat provides fantastic riding with great durability without breaking the bank. Although it can fit a few people, this boat is also ideal for those that like fishing alone.

Tracker boats have a cult following and for good reason. This vessel has all the basic features you need for your angling endeavors, such as a storage compartment, aft foam boxes, and transom corner braces. According to Tracker Boats’ site, its “Forest Green powdercoat will protect your boat from corrosion through years of use”, making this a fantastic boat to create years of memories with.

Sun Tracker Party Barge 18DLX

Although affordable, this boat does not skimp on size to cut down the price tag. It's sizable enough for a larger gathering to relax, have a picnic, and catch some trout. With three lounge seats, spacious storage, and a swim platform, you can bring this vessel out onto a lake and enjoy some freshly caught fish while your company drinks lemonade under the sun.

There’s plenty of space to lounge on this boat, making it ideal for anyone that just wants to relax on a lake ride. That doesn’t detract from the boat’s ability to effectively catch fish, which it has done for many years. This affordable and family-friendly option has rendered it a loved product by many fishing homeowners.

Premium Sports Fishing Boats

If money’s not an issue and you want a boat whose high price tag is worth every penny, then these options will impress you and any VIP that you bring onboard. These boats are for fishermen who are luckily financed and serious enough to pay for the ultimate, premium fishing experience.

Mikelson 75SF

This model is a mid-range priced yacht that’s raved for its unique design and strapping performance. Boaters that use this model have relied on it to ride hundreds of miles across the Pacific while comfortably hosting a sizable amount of company.  There's plenty of storage for supplies, food, and more to last through a long trip.

Called a “motoryacht” by the company and designed by Tom Fexas, this boat has a distinct, flattering retro style that’s somehow still timeless. The model comes with 3-4 staterooms and a separate crew cabin room, all with a kitchen setup, a shower, and all the angler facilities you’d need. This craft will catch any spectator’s view, and with facilities comfortable enough to call home, you can impress those inside and outside the boat for many nautical miles.

Hatteras GT70

As a party yacht, this vessel is bound to entertain. Its refined character combined with modern styling creates a charming, noble appearance. As a fishing boat, this is one powerhouse of a boat, doing 35-37 knots with a 366 nautical mile range. It can weather rough boating conditions and has all the amenities you could want. You’ll intimidate competition at a tournament just with its looks, but its performance is just as awe-inspiring.

Not only does this stellar boat possess powerful presentation and utility, but it keeps company well-pampered. With a gourmet galley, a dining/kitchen setup, and five staterooms, this model will leave you wanting little more.

The Best Anglers Need the Best Fishing Boats

When the mood’s right and the water’s abundantly populated, you want to flex your chops on the best watercraft. Now that this guide has detailed the best fishing boats for your needs, you’re set to make a purchase that will offer years of priceless memories and victories.

At The Better Boat, we don’t just sell premium boat cleaning supplies that maintain your boat’s operation and longevity. We also have some questions for you when buying a boat for customers who are still contemplating their purchase. So if you’re still itching for more information, we have plenty in store.