The Fanciest Fishing Boat: By Lamborghini

High end luxury fishing boats

Do you have cash to burn? Maybe you're just a regular joe like me that enjoys ogling the latest and greatest vehicles to grace the planet. That is no exaggeration, the Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce is gorgeous, powerful, and is sure to grab attention absolutely anywhere it is seen. It isn't just a looker, it has the stats to back up its beauty!

While luxury boats aren't for everyone, if you do decide to pick one up you'll need to make a call between comfort and speed. The Lambo Aventador SV superboat certainly offers both, but it leans much more heavily toward the speed side of the equation.

The Lamborghini Aventador SV reminds me of playing with my Hot Wheels boat many decades ago, which some might find gaudy or garish but I'll be honest with myself and admit that things like that suit my personality to a T. Nothing feels better than turning all the heads on the beach. It'll cost $1.3 million to do so, but that won't stop me from dreaming!

The Fanciest Fishing Boat: By Lamborghini aventador superboat supercar set

Lamborghini Fishing Boat Stats:

This 52-foot beauty runs on a pair of 1350 horsepower engines for a grand total of 2700 that can send you flying across the water at a top speed of 186 miles per hour! If you're springing for race-quality fuel (and let's be honest, at this point why wouldn't you?) that number can be pushed up and over 3000 horsepower. Yowza!! This boat comes with a striking lime green paint job that matches the Aventador supercar. Owning a matching car and boat? Now that's class!

On top of the lime green color, there are carbon fiber accents that really send this boat over the top. The helm is absolutely packed with gauges, buttons, and dials that might be a bit off-putting to someone who enjoys a more sleek and discrete design, but still definitely calls to mind the supercar that was the boat's inspiration. I know if I'm dropping over a million bucks on a luxury boat, I want it to be flashy.

There is room to seat 6, and the boat comes with a key fob that allows the owner to choose between 'race' and 'pleasure' settings. Want to zip across the water faster than anything else out there? Set yourself to race. In the mood for a more leisurely ride? The pleasure setting is for you. Very cool addition. I suppose we should expect no less from one of the leading names in the luxury market, but let's be honest here... Nobody is gonna set this thing to pleasure, right??

The Fanciest Fishing Boat: By Lamborghini aventador superboat cockpit

Buy The Whole Set!

Now, if you were to go and drop over a million dollars on a boat the very least they could do is include a few extras. The Lamborghini Aventador super boat comes with a custom-made trailer. Additionally, if you want to scoop up the matching supercar all you'll need to do is round that $1.3 million up to a nice cool $2 million.

While I don't see myself being able to afford even one piece of this setup, it certainly feels good to dream about it. Just imagine blasting across the water at 186 miles per hour, wind whipping through your hair at speeds that are almost unimaginable unless you've actually experienced them before.

Just to put it into context, Nascar drivers reach speeds of around 200 miles per hour, and the world record for speed on the water was a mind-blowing 317.6 miles per hour. Regardless of the larger numbers, you can rest assured that 186 MPH is far more than enough to give you and your passengers quite a thrill.

The Fanciest Fishing Boat: By Lamborghini aventador superboat speed

Caring for Your Investment:

Whether or not you can afford the latest and greatest boat on the market, you should ensure that you're protecting your vessel with the best boat maintenance products on the market. From marine leather conditioner to boat teak brightener to boat metal polish and beyond, you can ensure that whatever boat you're rocking is still able to turn it's fair share of heads.

I never begrudge my boat for what it isn't, rather I'll love it for what it is and care for it the best I can. Simple maintenance and cosmetic upkeep are a great investment. The less things I have to replace, repaint, or repair the better! I can take that money and put it in my rainy day fund. Perhaps someday those savings will be enough to purchase the Lamborghini Aventador SV superboat, but we're going to need a bigger piggy bank.

The Fanciest Fishing Boat: By Lamborghini aventador superboat seating

The Luxury Boat Market:

Lamborghini isn't the first one to come out with a luxury boat. Aston Martin has been selling the AM37 powerboat for some time already. While the Aston comes with a much sleeker and less show-offy look, it simply can't match the pure speed and power of the behemoth that Lamborghini brings to the market.

Despite my inability to invest in one of these babies, that might not be the case forever. The luxury boat market has a compound annual growth rate of over 10%. While that number mostly refers to luxury yachts, I am positive that I'm not the only one out there with a need for speed!

Which other luxury car builders will get into the boat market? Ferrari already has their own entry, the Riva 32. While it offers much lower horsepower it doesn't break the bank quite as hard as the Aston or Lamborghini boats. Porsche has gone for comfort over speed with their Dynamiq GTT 115 we might save that beauty for another article.

Now its time to make your boat show like a Lamborghini boat.  Check out our collection of boat cleaning products to get your boat up to spead.