These 9 Accessories Will Make Your Pontoon Boat the Ultimate Party Boat

What to have on a boat for great party

Now that the weather is warming, are you ready to cruise onto the ocean on your pontoon boat with family and friends? These vessels are perfect for parties or hosting guests because of their comfortable speed and size.

However, it can be a challenge to come up with ways to entertain a group of people after you’ve been out on the water for a few hours. By investing in just a few accessories, guests of all ages can enjoy the water at their own pace. 

Read on to learn some of our top cool pontoon boat accessories so you can take advantage of your pontoon boat! 

1. Waterproof Speakers

You need music when you’re hanging out with friends and family on the water, but you need that sound to be loud and high-quality in order for everyone to hear. Here are a few qualities of a speaker you should consider before your purchase it and put it on your boat: 

  • Range: Make sure it has a high range so that even people swimming can hear
  • Hands-free: You want to have the ability to pair your speakers to your phone through Bluetooth 
  • Waterproof: It’s important that your speaker is waterproof if you have it out on a float or the edge of your pontoon boat. 

Take a look at the available waterproof speakers here

2. Inflatable Tubes

Inflatable tubes are some of the most important items if you want fun party boat accessories. Not only will they allow you and your guests to relax on the open water near the boat, but they come in fun and colorful shapes depending on the event or occasion.

Even better, pontoon boats oftentimes have the horsepower to drag up to four people behind as they ride on their inflatables. Just be sure to do this safely and keep a steady speed!

Here are some of the available floating tubes here

3. Water Slides


Once you’ve found a good spot for your pontoon boat, you may want a few more activities rather than just floating and drinking–especially if you or your guests have kids. 

There are inflatable slides available that can sturdily attach to the side of your pontoon boat. Although slides can be expensive depending on how large they are, they’ll provide you and your guests with hours of fun. Plus, if you store them properly after use, they should last you a number of years. 

4. Floating Volleyball


If your guests and family are into sports, a floating volleyball set may be the perfect accessory to add to your pontoon boat. Whether you’re playing a relaxed or serious game, you’ll be able to keep dozens of guests busy as both sides compete to be the winner through water volleyball

If you’re inviting everyone for an event, such as a bridal or bachelor party, you can even come up with fun prizes for the winners that go with your party’s theme. 

5. Inflatable Kayaks


Inflatable kayaks are perfect to store on pontoons because your pontoon will be able to navigate easier to areas your car can’t reach. Instead of having to tire yourself out on a kayak in order to explore hard to reach channels, you’ll have a more relaxing and enjoyable experience by going straight to the source on this cool pontoon boat accessory.

Consider exploring the waters with your kayaks during the morning, and then coming back in the afternoon to party and relax! 

6. Air Horns


When you’re hosting a large party with lots of friends and family, you need an easy way to communicate with everyone at the same time if there’s an emergency. If you need to alert the US Coast Guard of your location, air horns are the best way to help distant vessels locate your pontoon boat. 

Be sure that the air horns you purchase meet the requirement of being heard up to half a mile away. 

7. Coolers

You’re always going to need to pack food and drink onto your pontoon boat before you set out, especially if you’re hosting a party or event. You want a cooler that’s sturdy and will keep your food and drinks cold for hours or, even better, days. 

Wirecutter, a New York Times owned review site that provides non-biased and well-researched recommendations, recommends the Coleman 70 Quart Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler. Its most notable features are that it’s affordable and capable of keeping ice frozen for a week.

Even better, it has a well-designed drain port that makes it easy to clean after a long day on the water.  

8. Boat Bar Caddy


One of the downfalls of drinking on the open water is that after more than a few guests have boarded, you can find you’re quickly running out of places to put open drinks. You don’t want to have to clean up gallons of spilled beer on your deck at the end of the day! 

Boat bar caddies are great party boat accessories and great investments because they provide extra storage room for food and drinks. They can easily install to your boat’s railing or fishing rod holder. Even better, some even come with cutting boards so you can prepare snacks or garnishes easily. 

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9. Fishing Rod Holders


Speaking of fishing, if you and your guests are avid fishers, the fishing rod holders already installed on your boat may not be enough. In order to accommodate everyone, consider investing in extra fishing rod holders for the times when you’re hosting.

Most fishing rods are sturdy and easy to install through a simple clamping mechanism–when you don’t need them anymore, simply take them off your pontoon boat’s railing and store them away.  

Cool Pontoon Boat Accessories to Keep Everyone Entertained

Although all of our recommended cool pontoon party boat accessories may seem obvious, even just one or two investments can add a huge amount of entertainment for your next party or event.

For instance, purchasing a few inflatable tubes will entertain kids as they play in the water, while the adults can lay in the sun and relax. Inflatables can even be tied behind your boat and tugged behind for the more adventurous.

Remember that a well-accessorized pontoon boat won’t matter if it’s not clean. Browse our extensive and affordable catalog of premium-quality boat care products today!