Wake Boat Vs. Pleasure Boat Differences

Wake Boat Vs. Pleasure Boat Differences

Are you the type of person that enjoys a leisurely cruise across the water? Kicked back with your feet up, enjoying a bit of fishing? Perhaps you're the other kind of person that enjoys living life to the fullest and can't stand the thought of sitting still? What's a day on the water without a bit of extreme sporting to go with it! Wake boats and pleasure boats are very different creatures.

Of course, boats share plenty in common with each other but the small degrees of difference between a wake boat and a pleasure boat are enough to establish completely different goals when it comes to a day on the water. Neither is right or wrong, though I will divulge that I prefer a leisurely day on a pleasure boat than an extreme wake boat adventure.

Perhaps you don't know which category you fall into quite yet. Well, this handy little article is here to help. You might've made up your mind within the first couple paragraphs, but I feel it would behoove our readers to know precisely what makes a wake boat different than a pleasure boat and vice versa. It's important when you go shopping to know exactly what you're looking at.

Wake Boat Vs. Pleasure Boat Differences wake norway

The Rundown on Pleasure Boats

 Pleasure boats cover a wide range. You've got sailboats and motorboats within this category. These are largely exactly what the name implies, used for pleasure and relaxing on the water. Some people might shove rowboats and dinghies into this category but we're going to be purists. At another point we might break down each of these categories a bit further, but we'll give a brief outline for now.

Motorboats for Pleasure

Motorboats are speed-craft for people who want to feel the wind whipping through their hair. These watercraft are pretty similar to wake boats, but we will get to that in a moment. Motorboats are amazingly diverse, you can use a motor boat for almost any activity you can think of on the water.

You might prefer a ski boat or barefoot boat that doesn't produce any wake, as it's more beginner-friendly. Crossover motorboats are an extremely popular option because they simply are the most diverse watercraft that you can possibly have. From skiing to fishing to cruising? Crossover motorboats are a jack of all trades.

Wake Boat Vs. Pleasure Boat Differences motor boat

Sailboats for Pleasure

Sailboats are the ultimate in pleasure boat so far as I'm concerned, particularly a catamaran. If it has a teak deck? Oh man, talk about decadence. You will want to keep that teak deck looking good with our teak deck brightener! But I digress... Nothing can beat the silence and relaxation of being pushed along by the wind. I'll grant that they aren't the multipurpose workhorses that their cousin the motorboat is, nobody is going to try skiing behind a sailboat. At least, not try and succeed.

Instead of pure power sailboats are all about chilling out. Have a drink, do some fishing, and let the waves wash away your worries. There are racing sailboats, but in a motorized age they've become mostly a novelty... Though I do have a few friends that would take my head off for daring to say so. You can also get a hybrid motorsailer that can give you the best of both worlds!

Wake Boat Vs. Pleasure Boat Differences sail boat

The Rundown on Wake Boats

Wake boats are made for water sports. If you're into hitting flips and catching air then wake boats were absolutely designed with you in mind. If you're asking yourself how to catch a jump with no ramp, then you obviously haven't given much through toward why it's called a wake boat. Who needs to build a ramp when you can shape the water to act as a ramp for all your extreme sporting needs? Within the category of wake boats are a few different types, so we'll get very specific here.

Wakesurf Wake Boats

Surfers want in on the wake boat action too! Why spend all day paddling out and trying to catch the big one when you can simply create some waves that make for perfectly decent shredding. While the waves won't be monsters, it can definitely help someone with little surfing experience develop their technique. If they've already mastered popping up on the board that is... These wakesurfing tips might also help.

Even if the pop up needs a bit more practice, you can definitely enjoy some sun and surfing fun while being towed behind a wake boat. How are the waves formed? Well, as with most wake boats weight is added aft and the transom is specifically designed to make some tasty curls. Many wakesurf boats have an adjustable transom, so you can pick the size of your wave.

Speaking of fun in the sun, protect yourself and your boat from harmful UV rays. While you can use some heavy duty sunscreen, your boat needs UV protection in another way. Boat cleaner wipes with UV protection will be a welcome addition to any boating adventure.

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Wakeboard Wake Boats

When most people talk about a wake boat, this is what they're referring to. Wakeboard boats create a tall wake that slopes gently upward. There aren't any curls to be seen, and that makes for a perfect ramp to catch the most airtime possible. All wake boats typically feature a set of bladders and ballasts to adjust the size of the wake.

Generally the wake will be around one to three feet, but with enough weight you can create some real monsters. Check around before you start creating a 5 foot wake, because plenty of places have a bevy of regulation against creating this kind of distubance, but it does look super cool.

Wake Boat Vs. Pleasure Boat Conclusion

Whether you choose a pleasure boat or a wake boat, time on the water is always a lot of fun! I feel like I should mention specifically that if you're on a wake boat try to remember that everyone is out to have a good time, and do your best not to disturb the others who are sharing the water with you.