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Hey guys, what's up? Welcome to another episode of On Another Line. Today, I have three boat cleaning products that I've been asked to test out and give you my opinion about. These are made by a company called Better Boat, out of Miami, Florida. They sent me the deck cleaner, instant hull cleaner, and leather cleaner, conditioner.

I'm going to show you guys these things working on two different boats. I have a pleasure boat that you can see back behind me. It's a 21' Rinker. We've had it out on the Ohio River. It is very, very dirty, the hull and stuff. So, I'm pretty excited about the hull cleaner, checking that out. The deck cleaner is a nonslip finish. These two are going to be mainly for my pleasure boat. The hull cleaner... We'll use it on my boat too, but I have a black hull on my bass boat, so you're not going to be able to see it as well. The leather cleaner, conditioner works with vinyl and leather. I have vinyl seats in both of my boats.

The very first thing I'm going to do, I'm going to show you guys the hull cleaner. First and foremost, I'm going to read the directions to you. It says to shake bottle well prior to use. Rubber gloves are recommended. Spray the solution directly on surface to be treated and allow to sit for two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean, fresh water. Repeat if necessary. For stubborn and old stains, a second application may be needed. It says best results when temperature is above 50 degrees. It's about 70 degrees here in Ohio. This is the first day we've had that's super nice, so I'm going to get out here and [inaudible 00:01:16]. It says avoid contact with fabrics, anti-fouling bottom paint, and inferior quality decals as discoloration may occur.

Guys, I'm sure there's a acid in here. It also says, basically, avoid contact with boat trailers and other unintended painted surfaces. So, what I'm going to do is I'm going to use the water hose to make sure that I keep the trailer nice and wet, so this thing doesn't eat the paint off from it. According to Jonathan, the fellow that sent this to me from the company, this will eat paint off of painted surfaces. First thing you should do is test for color fastness in a small area. And again, I wouldn't spray directly on painted surfaces, as that's not what it's designed for.

Let's get this thing on the hull. I'm going to show you guys some of the stains on there first. We'll spray it on there, let it sit for two minutes, and see if we can just wash it off. All right, it's really tough to see here, I'm sure. I can't see it through the viewfinder, so it may be tough for you guys to see too. There's a waterline right here. You can see that I can't get it off with my thumb. It goes all the way back through there. Let's see if I can't move the camera here so you guys can possibly see it on the glare back through there. It's going to be in this area right here. We're going to use the hull cleaner and see what happens. Guys, another thing I want to mention is that this spray bottle is just a cheap spray bottle top from the dollar store. It does not come with a spray applicator.

Get the other side while we're at it. Then I'm going to get the water hose out and get my trailer, and make sure it's clean, and make sure it stays wet. So, again, I'm applying this very liberally. All right, so I'm going to let that sit for two minutes while I get the water hose, spray my trailer down. Actually, there's some right here, on this here. I don't know if you can see it or not, but I'm going to spray that down too.

All right, I know you can't see me right now, but, that's the instant hull cleaner. I'm going to get the water hose, spray my trailer, make sure it doesn't eat the paint off of there. Guys, I'm just spraying my trailer off, making sure that it's not on there. It's been about a minute and a half since I started spraying all that stuff. I can already tell you that it's taken the stains off of that. Hopefully with just a quick spray, I can get rid of that. Definitely see a spot I missed. There's another problem area on my boat up underneath the well here for the motor, always gets a big line in there. Hopefully you can see that line in there.

All right, so my opinion of the Better Boat hull cleaner. This stuff works like it should. It turned a couple hour job into 15, 20 minutes. Spray it on, let it sit for a couple of minutes, spray it off with your garden hose. That's all you have to do.

The next thing we're going to look at is the deck cleaner, which I think you're going to see a better comparison here. I'm going to show you guys some before and after photos. Also, some before and after video. It's tough to do the video inside because I'm going to be spraying water everywhere.

So, again, instant hull cleaner works. I recommend it. Next, the deck cleaner. The cool thing about the deck cleaner I like is it has a nonslip surface, so it's not going to be like, no silicone or anything in there so you're going to slip and fall on your boat. Also, it gets all the stuff out of the grit of your boat deck. So, we'll check it out.

All right, this is going to be a handheld shot, so it's going to be kind of shaky, but you can see here there's all kind of stains from people getting on and off the boat, on the back deck here. We're going to take the deck cleaner here, spray it on here. The deck cleaner recommends that you scrub it with a brush, with a deck brush, so I'm going to do that as well. See what happens.

All right, we're going to be applying the Better Boat deck cleaner next. Again, I'm pretty excited. It says no slip finish, which is going to be good for this boat. It says wet it down, spray it, leave it on there for two or three minutes, and then take a deck brush... I just have this scrub brush. My deck brush is kind of not as stiff as this, so we're going to actually do it with this. Then it says rinse thoroughly, and repeat if necessary. I'm going to wet it down, spray this, wait two minutes, and show you what happens. Again, same deal. This doesn't come with a spray applicator. This is just a dollar store deal. Picked it up cheap. Quick and easy. All right. Let's let it sit for two minutes. Get back after it.

It's been about three minutes or so. Sprayed the deck cleaner on here. I wet it down, sprayed it on here, and I'm going to take this scrub brush, once I get it wet, scrub it down. I already tell a noticeable difference in it. All right, let's spray it off.

Here it is guys. Hopefully you can see the noticeable difference there because I'll put some before and after pictures so you can really see it. I'm going to cut the camera. What I'm going to do is I'm going to take this stuff, I'm going to take the carpet out of my boat, spray the entire floor and sides of my boat, scrub it all down, and I'm going to show you guys a before and after photo of that because it's going to take me probably an hour or so to do that.

So, right now, the Better Boat deck cleaner works like a champ, guys. Definitely makes easy work out of doing that. Again, this is texturized. I don't know if you can hear that. It's got like sand in the finish. So, again, I'm going to take the carpet out, and I'm going to do what I just did on this through the entire boat. I'll show you a before and after photo of that.

All right, guys, as you can see, again, I'm going to throw some before and after photos up of the deck cleaner. I didn't want to take a bunch of your time up showing you cleaning this stuff. I'm going to show you some stuff here. I've been walking in here with my feet, so it's kind of got some footprints on here now. But, the before and after photos speak wonders for this product. Better Boat deck cleaner is the real deal. Spray it on. Actually, get it wet first, spray it on, let it sit for two or three minutes, scrub it off with a brush, rinse it off with some clean water, and you are done. This stuff was awesome.

So, so far we've tested the hull cleaner, which it worked amazingly. I didn't have to scrub anything on there. Just sprayed it on, let it sit for two or three minutes, garden hosed it back off. All of that dirt and grime come right off the hull. A couple of things that I've noticed, this thing does have a solvent smell to it, or a feel. You don't want to do this in a garage. Make sure you're in a well-ventilated area. Also, avoid skin contact with this stuff. Again, I'm not sure. It's not my product. I'd imagine it's got some kind of acid in it, so you don't want this on your skin. If you do, wash it off. Same with your eyes. But, Better Boat deck cleaner. The real deal. Here's before.

As you can see, there's a lot of dirt and debris from my carpet and all that stuff. And then here's the after photograph, after I've done, not only the hull, but the deck inside my boat.

Works amazing. Guys, if you want to get your hands on some Better Boat products, go over to their website, thebetterboat.com, or on Amazon, and check out their products. If you use BETTERBOAT15 for their promo code, you can get 15% off through On Another Line. So, again, Better boat, thebetterboat.com, check it out. You definitely will not be disappointed. This stuff works. Thanks for checking out another episode of On Another Line. See you next time.

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