Washing the SeaHunt 211 Ft. Better Boat Cleaning Products

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You've seen what it looks like now? I mean, it's just filthy. First I'm going to wash this nasty thing, and then I'm going to get my products out and clean this boat up. So, we're going to try to do our best to clean it up. Now, you've got birds nests there in the back, I'll show you here in a second. You got bird poop down in the floor. Luckily guys, I've got a company that reached out to me and said, "Look, we know you got a boat and we've seen that you was having problems getting your seats back clean again." You see all that dingy color there. They said, "Would you like to review some product for us?" I was like, "Absolutely. Send it on." That was back a while back, but all this COVID-19 stuff, I had no reason to take the boat out. So, stay at home order and all that. But now we're fixing to go back to the beach. Hopefully, maybe catch some fish while we're down there. So first thing I got to do is clean this nasty boat up.

I got it a whole lot better than what it was. I'll give you all a look see, after shot. As you can see, it is a lot better than what it was. I got all of the mess cleaned out of it. I'll just show you what come out of this thing. It was a bird's nest down in my motors there. Cleaned it out. See all the junk that come out of this thing. It's just going down the hill there, but there's the bird's nest over there. There wasn't nothing in it, so I made sure there wasn't nothing in it before I tore it up. Now I'm going to show you the cleaning materials I'm going to use for tomorrow, especially on the inside of the boat in the seats. I think I've got some stuff to clean the outside too, the company sent me. So let me just show you real quick what I got.

This company is Better Boat. They contacted and wanted to know if I want to try this stuff and I said, "Sure." But I've used not this and not that yet. This is the leather conditioner, UV protectant. This right here is just the boat cleaning wipes, a UV protectant. This is the mildew stain remover. Now I have used this, I use this in my shower. I've got hard water and my water is pretty bad, actually. So I had stains in there that I hadn't been able to get out of my bottom of my shower in years. This right here cleaned it out.

I'm looking forward to using this stuff right here inside the boat on my seat cushions, because my seat cushions are flat out terrible. So I want to use that. They also sent me this boat sponge set. I hadn't even opened this thing up yet. It's got some cloths, some chamois, sponges, a bucket wash something in there. I don't know, just got a lot of stuff in there and I'll use that to clean probably the outside of the boat, I guess, and to wipe it down. But there's the stuff that the company sent me and I'm really looking forward to using it and putting this stuff to work.

Hi guys. So now I'm going to use some of this. This is the mildew stain remover. This here, I'm just going to tell you a little bit about it. It's mildew stain remover, premium boat care, vinyl seats, cushion tops and covers. Breaks down and removes tough mildew and stains, or mildew stains. The only thing that says don't use it on is metals and porcelain. So you can pretty much use it on everything else. We're going to spray this stuff on here. We'll let that sit for a few minutes and I'm going to do this along the edges here.

The only problem I see right now is that I just broke the top. That's a little disappointing, but I mean, it's plastic. What we're going to do now is we're going to give this stuff a little while to settle and to soak in. We'll come back in a little bit and see how it does. We'll leave it for about 10 minutes and just see how it cleans. In the meantime, I'm going to open this right here up. This is something else they sent me. This is the Better Boat boat and sponge set. Just see what's in here. This thing is nice, the sponge cleaner. Couple sponges there. A towel. Oh, this is really cool. This thing actually turns into a bucket itself. So you could fill this up with water and use this as a bucket. It even has a handle on it. How cool was that?

Oh, I didn't realize that. It's got a hard bottom in it. It's sealed so just push that right back down in here. I don't know if you all ever have the same problems as I do. I can never get anything back in the pack where it come out. I never can do it, but there you go. Put everything back in there and I kept the cloths out, the clean cloths. I want to keep it out because I'm going to use that to wipe this down here. I'm going to use a cloth with soapy water. I'm going to go round and clean these other ones, wipe all these other ones down. I'm going to take a pressure washer to these cushions now. I've got them good and washed down and put some elbow grease in them. See how they do.

I'd like to thank Anthony from Better Boats, for sending these products. I'm not trying to make a sales speech or anything, just told me to give him an honest review. That's what I think I've done. It did not bring these really, really hard stains out, but it is a lot better than what it was. It is a lot better here and I didn't get these hard, hard stains here. That's going to take a little more work. But it did bring this out and make this look a lot whiter than it was. So I'm really happy with it.

Just to be honest, I didn't really think that it would bring out those really, really hard stains. I'll put a link to their Instagram page and a website and everything in the description below. Guys, thank you for watching this video. We're fixing to go to the coast. We're still doing this whole COVID-19 social distancing stuff. So the beaches and everything where we're going is open back up. I'm going to get everything in the boat. I'm going to load up my kayaks and get everything going.

Guys, thank you for watching. Please subscribe to our channel. Check out Better Boat. Check out their products and what they sell, and let them know that I sent you. It's Thomas' Southern Outdoor Fishing. You have a great day.

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