Whats the Difference in Boat Brushes?


The range of boat cleaning brushes can be overwhelming, and you certainly don't want to use the wrong one. As we well know the ocean can be a harsh mistress, and you need to take steps to ensure that you are protecting your investment from the harsh marine conditions that are constantly assaulting your boat. This maintenance also needs to be done without scratching or damaging any paint or fabric.

When done properly your boat will not only look better, but can also extend the longevity of your watercraft. The importance of a quality boat brush is huge! On top of simply using a boat wash brush, you'll want to ensure the bristles are stiff or soft enough to do the job correctly.

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Using a stiff brush too vigorously can allow water under the protective coating of your boat, while using a boat brush that is too soft will result in a subpar cleaning. If your boat isn't full clean you will often end up in the same situation, a protective coating being slowly stripped away...

So, needless to say choosing the right brush can be daunting. Better Boat has put together this article to help you better understand your needs and the uses of specific boat cleaning brushes. We will start at the deck and work our way up, and I promise it's more fun than it sounds.

Whats the Difference in Boat Brushes deck cleaning

Firm Bristle Deck Brush

Now this is one tough customer. A firm boat brush can do wonders in breaking up all sorts of grit and grime and should generally be your first line of defense when it comes to those tough cleanups. Using this boat cleaning brush with some sort of deck cleaner is nice, but it can also power through most messes with just a bit of water.

Obviously you don't want to use this on anything too sensitive as it will also power through that expensive gel coat if given half the chance. Rubber bumpers are also important in order to avoid knocking anything that shouldn't be knocked. The Better Boat's 8" Firm Bristle Brush has a nice thick bumper on it.

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Medium Bristle Deck Brush

The most commonly used boat brush is this happy medium. The bristles are strong enough to lift and clean almost any surface without the risk of damage. Again, deck cleaner is a nice addition but Better Boat's 8" Medium Boat Brush Head can be used with just a bit of water! You'll be shocked at how effective it is. Yes, it is that good.

Using water instead of a deck cleaner is sure to save you a bundle of cash in the long run. It features that much needed rubber bumper to prevent accidental scratches. Probably my favorite feature of every single Better Boat brush is that they float. If it ends up overboard fishing it back out is a simple matter, and it can even save the handle it is attached to!

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Soft Bristle Deck Brush

The soft boat brush has made it onto Marine Talk's 10 best boat cleaning brushes. While I prefer the medium boat brush myself, who am I to usurp popular opinion? This soft boat brush lasts for a much longer time than the usual soft bristle brush. Durable, safe, and easy to use. This soft boat brush is quite the worthy investment.

If you're in the market for a boat brush, trust the legions who have decided to allow Better Boat to help defend one of their biggest expenditures! Better Boat's 8" Soft Boat Brush Head has proven it is worth its salt... Wait, maybe that isn't the best phrasing. Regardless, I can definitely assure you that it works wonders.

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Upholstery Brushes

It should go without saying that you only want to use the aforementioned boat brushes on the deck. There is a lot of other cleaning that needs to get done however, and for that we present the Better Boat Upholstery Boat Brush Set! Two brushes that will suit every need that you might come across while boating or almost anywhere else for that matter!

The stiff nylon brush can be used safely on everything from carpets to upholstery to vinyl seats, in any vehicle from your boat to your car. It really is an all-in-one brush that can make short work of even the toughest and most set-in stains. For more sensitive fabrics such as leather or canvas this set also includes a horse-hair brush that can remove stains without risking any damage to the material.

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Boat Brushes Extension Rod

Finally we have the Better Boat extension rod for mops and boat brush heads for getting into all those hard to reach spots. The heads mentioned above do not feature a handle, but this is your solution. While I use mine for a boat wash brush, you can easily swap out the heads and do a bit of mopping or even painting.

The material is lightweight aluminum which means it can be hefted around every which way without straining your arms or tiring you out. Let's face it, after a long day of boating there is some spot-cleaning that needs to be done and the easier you can make that work the better off you'll be!

Whats the Difference in Boat Brushes many brooms

Boat Brush Conclusion

I hope that this brief trip through the boat cleaning brush world has managed to make a seemingly dull subject a bit more palatable. It isn't a subject that is talked about often, and it is for that reason that I felt it needed to be covered. Most of us would much rather talk about sails, engines, helms, and all our other new, shiny baubles but without a deep and regular cleaning your boat might not last long enough for it to matter. Take care of your boat and take care of yourself. I'll be back with another blog for you quite soon.