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Silicone Tape

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Our premium-grade silicone repair tape is a “must-have” tool to have in your repair kit! If you need to make an emergency repair our fusing tape is the answer. This rescue tape fuses only to itself so will never leave a sticky residue behind. Our indoor and outdoor rubber silicone repair tape is great for sealing leaking hoses, securing lines and fittings, and is ideal for wrapping tools for an anti-slip grip. Our quick fix tape is also great as pipe repair tape, automotive repair tape or electrical tape. This weatherproof sealing tape resists breaking down and the self fusing tape creates a waterproof and air-tight seal. To use, simply stretch, wrap and seal the tape to itself. The more you stretch this fixing tape, the stronger the bond. Once the tape is placed, you have 1 minute to reposition before the super-strong seal starts to form, after 2 minutes the seal is permanent. 


  • PERFECT FOR EMERGENCY REPAIRS: Our premium grade 1in x 40ft clear sealing tape is 100% silicone making it ideal for a wide variety of repairs.   Our silicone waterproof and weatherproof leak-sealing tape is perfect for fixing leaky hoses and pipes, electrical wiring, sealing connections, wiring harnesses, lines and fittings, wrapping rope ends and tool handles and more! This quick fix silicone repair tape is also a great sailboat rigging tape. Our emergency repair tape is a must-have in your car or boat repair kit!
  • WATERPROOF & AIRTIGHT SEAL: This silicone self fusing repair tape sticks to itself creating a flexible, waterproof seal that keeps out water and air. Simply stretch, wrap and repair! Our clear stretch tape works great as electrical tape and for emergency hose repairs. This ultra-strong clear waterproof tape can withstand U.V. light, changing weather and is high-heat resistant making it ideal for a variety of repairs. This waterproof seal tape is designed for both indoor and outdoor use!
  • HEAT & CORROSION RESISTANT: Our self fusing tape resists corrosion and extends the useful life of items being repaired. This silicone tape for plumbing creates a water-tight seal and works to fix leaks. Our ultra-strong, high temp silicone rubberized tape can be used to fix car engines, water heaters and more! This self sealing tape is extremely versatile and perfect for emergency repairs around your home, boat or car. Also works great as garden hose tape and tape for pipe leaks!
  • ULTRA STRONG HOLD: You’ll love the high tensile strength of our clear self fusing silicone tape! To get the strongest bond, stretch the tape while wrapping the item. The more you stretch our self sealing tape, the more secure the seal. Once placed, the silicone repair tape is repositionable for 1 minute. After two minutes, the plumbing tape for sealing forms a permanent bond. Our clear self bonding silicone tape also works great as waterproof automotive tape and irrigation repair tape.