5 Boat Accessories You Need Before You Head Out on the Water

What do you need to have on a boat

Your boat is an investment, and you should clean it as often as you use it - and at the start and end of every season. It deserves the same attention and care you give when cleaning your house. 

But most of the products on the market make keeping your boat clean feel like more of an impossible hassle than something you can do every time you dock up.

We've designed our products to fix that problem. They're all super easy to use, multi-use, and backed by a 100% no-questions-asked guarantee. We've listed some of our must-have boating accessories for all types of boat owners, below.

1. Boat Dehumidifier Bags

When you're out on the water, especially in southern climates, things get humid - fast. Before owning a boat, you probably never knew that the water in your toilet could cause a mold ring around the bowl.

But it can - and that's not because your head is especially dirty, it's from the excess moisture in the air. And that's not the only place mold grows.

It can grow anywhere air gets trapped, like inside closed cabinets, rooms, or even in your engine compartment. So what's the solution?


Our Boat Dehumidifier Hanging Bags! You can hang them on any hooks or rails on your boat, or get a pack of outdoor-quality command hooks and hang them from there.

The bags have moisture-trapping pellets as well as activated charcoal, which acts as an odor suppressant. That means your boat will be clean, dry, and smell great!

They come in a convenient four-pack, for less than $20. That's less than five dollars each - and they're backed by our guarantee. What a great deal!

2. Boat Squeegee and Sponge

You know when you're towing your boat to the lake (or back), and you get it where you're going just to find the windshield covered in bugs? Now you're a far way from those gas stations where they have the windshield cleaners.

And those cleaners aren't that effective. First of all, that water is filthy and changed even less often than you probably think it is. Plus, half the time, those wands are missing the sponge or the squeegee part, or it's damaged and does more harm than good.

Wouldn't you rather have your own Boat Squeegee and Sponge for $11.99? That way, you can take it with you wherever you go and actually control what you're cleaning your floating investment with.


This product comes with a netted sponge head that quickly breaks up dirt and debris, hanging storage abilities, a flexible rubber squeegee, and the ability to unscrew the handle to add a longer pole.

All the materials this product is made with are commercial grade, so the quality couldn't be any better - or more effective. Use it with our boat soap for the best results!

3. Deck Brush

Another large surface that needs cleaning much more often than most people end up cleaning it is the deck. And we understand why it gets neglected. Many decks have nooks and crannies that are hard to clean - and the standard stand-up kitchen broom doesn't do it.

Neither do the large outdoor push brooms - they're just too big!

That's why we developed this 5-star-rated deck brush, that's the perfect size for your boat. It's safe for fiberglass, wood, vinyl, glass, and aluminum, so pretty much every boat on the planet.


It has man-made bristles that don't hold water, so you can use it as a scrubber when wet, and a regular broom when dry. It even has a wrap-around rubber bumper that keeps you from scratching anything with the top of the broom and allows it to float, were it to fall overboard.

It doesn't come with a pole but fits any universal pole tip. You can get an extension pole (that's compatible with all our devices) here.

Unscrew the pole for easy storage - this brush tip will fit in most on-boat storage cavities. It's time to get cleaning!

4. Fabric Protector Spray

When you bought your boat, you took a long time picking out the right finishing touches, like your boat covers, cushions, Bimini tops, deck furniture, and more.

And those details are all made with waterproof materials, to an extent. No fabric, unless it's mostly plastic based, is 100% waterproof for its entire life.

Things start losing their repellent abilities over time and with use. Our waterproof spray can't make those faded cushions last forever, but it can extend their on-board life!


The spray itself is odor-free, non-hazardous, water-based, and fabric-safe for most fabrics. All you need to do is make sure the material is clean (so you're not spraying the spray onto dust and debris), spray the fabric protector in a full layer over the fabric, let it dry, then do the other side (just for good measure).

It couldn't be easier, and it doesn't smell like awful chemicals like most other waterproofers. A bottle will last you a long time, so add one to your cart when you're picking up one of our other staples, above.

5. Teak Cleaner

Having teak on your boat is a status symbol. It's a gorgeous and expensive add-on, and it shows that you really care about your boat.

However, it's not easy to clean, and it can stain easily. Thankfully, we have a teak cleaner (that you can use for all fine woods) to make keeping it clean easier.


It restores without sanding, meaning all you have to do is apply, brush or lightly scrub it into the grain of the wood, and rinse. It's versatile enough that you can use it on fiberglass, painted surfaces, and even any teak furniture you have on the boat or at home.

Talk about a good investment! Pick up a bottle of the teak cleaner, here.

Boating Accessories to Keep on Hand

Whether you're the boat owner buying supplies to upkeep your boat or a spouse looking for boating accessories to give as a gift, we hope you've found the perfect product in this guide.

If you didn't, there are more products on our site! See our whole catalog and do some risk-free shopping, here.