100 Ways To Use Our Boat Erasers You Haven't Thought Of

What can I clean with boat erasers 

You are probably familiar with household erasers and have used them before. If you're not familiar, you are missing out in a big way. There are a number of different household versions that you have seen but not all erasers are created equally. While the basics of how it works is the same, here at Better Boat, we have designed a Boat Eraser that is more durable, thicker, and less abrasive than what you have seen before.

Our Boat Erasers have loads of uses all around your boat. They are the fastest, easiest and most convenient way to clean up after a day on the water. They quickly remove scuffs and marks on seats, the console, fiberglass, gelcoats and more! These erasers are easy to use and clean with water alone. Simply wet, squeeze and wipe away marks and grime to leave your boat sparkling clean!

These premium boat erasers have a reinforced core that offers 2x durability while the textured surface cuts through stubborn stains. These sponges DO NOT contain bleach or other harsh chemicals, making them safe to use on various surfaces. So we have set out to offer you a comprehensive list of things you can clean using our Boat Erasers. The first 25 here are for you boat but we also came up with 75 more that you may not have even thought about.

25 Ways To Use Boat Erasers On Your Boat

1. Remove Salt And Grime From Instruments
2. Remove Marks From Seats
3. Remove Wake Board And Water-Ski Scuff Marks
4. Wipe Away Scuffs Left By Boat Hoses
5. Remove Grime From Steering Wheel
6. Remove Bugs From The Windshield
7. Wipe Away Marks Around Cockpit
8. Remove Scuff Marks Left By Fishing Gear
9. Remove Tough Stains On Fiberglass
10. Clean Soiled Boat Carpet
11. Remove Black Roller Scuff Marks
12. Wipe Away Scuff Marks Left by Shoes
13. Clean Up Hard Plastic Storage Areas
14. Remove Marks From Diving Gear
15. Wipe Away Rust Stains
16. Remove Algae And Seaweed Scum
17. Takes Off Left Over Adhesive
18. Removes Paint From Vinyl Seats
19. Wipes Away Tire Marks
20. Removes Motor Residue
21. Cleans Up Bird Droppings
22. Shines Up Aluminum Surfaces
23. Removes Glycerine Stains On Gelcoat
24. Wipes Away Docking Scrapes
25. Cleans Up The Head & Galley

75 Ways To Use Boat Erasers Around The House

26. Remove Marks From Walls
27. Refresh Dingy Grout
28. Remove Soap Scum From Your Sink
29. Wipe Away Grease Spatter On A Stovetop
30. Remove Marker And Pen Marks On A Desk
31. Wipe Away Rust
32. Remove Tarnish From Silver
33. Cuts Through Grease Spatter On A Stovetop
34. Erase Marker, Crayon And Colored Pencil Marks On Wall

Extra durable and thick magic erasers

35. Remove Hair Dye From Countertops And Floors
36. Refresh White Sneakers
37. Clean Up Your Fridge Interior
38. Remove Hair Dye From Countertops And Floors
39. Clean Up After A Cooking Session
40. Wipe Hairspray Build-Up From Styling Tools
41. Tackle Toothpaste Stain In The Sink
42. Eliminate Fingerprints From Cabinetry
43. Clean Up Your Juicer
44. Remove Scuffs From Baseboards
45. Get Tile Super Clean

How to clean a kitchen with a magic eraser

46. Remove Marks From White Furniture
47. Wipe Away Scuffs On Wall Left By Artwork
48. Clean Up Your Handbags
49. Remove Mildew From Your Shower Curtain
50. Clean Light-Colored Suede
51. Eliminate Sticky Residue From Your Freezer
52. Remove Adhesive Residue From Price Tag Stickers
53. Remove Soot Off Walls Near A Fireplace
54. Remove Lime and Build-up From Dish Drainers
55. Remove Wet Nose Marks From Pets On Windows
56. Clean Your Cell Phone Case And Screen
57. Remove Marks From Walls
58. Clean And Polish Your Jewelry
59. Remove Mug Stains
60. Clean Air Bake Cookie Sheets And Bakeware
61. Freshen Up Leather
62. Deep Clean Your Dry Erase Board
63. Clean Your Laptop
64. Remove Melted Plastic On The Side Of The Toaster Oven
65. Remove Nail Polish Stains
66. Clean Range Hood Over The Stove
67. Remove Soot Off The Walls Near The Fireplace

Textured Magic Erasers

68. Get Rid Of Pet Marks On Floors
69. Remove Set-In Stains From Ceramic Coasters
70. Remove Dried Paint From Door Hinges
71. Remove Mildew From Anything Plastic
72. Wipe Off Dog Drool From Walls
73. Remove Soap Scum In The Tub And Shower
74. Remove Marks On Vinyl Siding
75. Remove Waterline Mark Around The Pool
76. Clean Windows
77. Clean Grates On The Grill
78. Remove Dirt And Grime On Lawn Ornaments
79. Clean The Inside Of Plastic Coolers
80. Wipe Off Dog Drool From Walls

How to clean a bathroom with a magic eraser
81. Remove Coffee And Tea Stains On The Inside Of Mugs
82. Clean The Plastic Agitator Inside Your Washing Machine
83. Remove Cooked-On Stains In Pots And Pans
84. Clean Swimming Pool Steps
85. Remove Melted Plastic On A Glass Top Stove
86. Clean The Inside Of A Crockpot
87. Clean The Outside Of A Pebbled Plastic Cooler
88. Remove Baked-On Brown Spots On Glass Cookware
89. Remove Scuff Marks From Hangers In Your Walk-In Closet
90. Clean The Oven Door
91. Clean And Shine Hubcaps
92. Clean White Porch Railings And Pillars
93. Remove Dirt From Plastic Trash Cans
94. Remove Bugs From Car Windshield, Grille And Bumper
95. Remove Dirt And Grime On A Vinyl Convertible Top
96. Remove Food Stains Inside Plastic Food Containers
97. Remove Scum From Shower Doors
98. Clean Mirrors
99. Clean Window Sills
100. Cleans Pyrex Containers

How to use magic erasers

Use our Boat Easers to quickly clean up your boat or home. They remove scuffs and grime with water alone. They are thick and strong with a reinforced core to tackle the toughest of stains. Simply wet, squeeze and wipe surfaces, leaving them sparkling clean! Try risk-free for 30 days - love them or get your money back. 

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