Boating Gifts for Men: Your Ultimate Guide

Best gifts for boaters

So what gift do you get the man who has everything?

If everything includes a boat, you've got some great options. Finding the perfect gift for your boat enthusiast doesn't have to be difficult.

We've got your guide to boating gifts for men right here. Keep reading to find the best gifts for your boating beau. 

Clean It Up

Whether it's from hours of use or sitting by the bay, boats get dirty. Your favorite captain may not spring for some top-of-the-line products on his own. Maybe he's not even aware they exist.

Check out some of these products to make cleaning the boat an enjoyable process.


Scuff marks happen. Whether it's a fender out of place or missing the lift, you're bound to have a few. Make the boat scuff marks disappear with Better Boat Erasers.

This is an affordable and practical way to remove scuff marks from fiberglass, wood, vinyl, or plastic. Use Boat Erasers anywhere your man's boat has had an "oops!". Products that clean and protect make great boating gifts for men.

Waxing Not Waning

Is your man's boat his baby? If so, he's probably obsessed with how shiny it looks. Better Boat's Microfiber Wax Applicator Set has the sponges and clothes he needs to keep his boat shining as bright as his pride.

This kit contains premium, lint-free sponges that won't scratch the baby's bottom. They're machine washable and include a comfort-grip handle so your man's hands won't suffer.

This kit is also easy to store and zips securely in the included storage case. If your captain cutie pie is polishing, buffing, waxing, or detailing, he'll need this kit.

Wipe and Protect

Who doesn't love an easy clean-up? Gift your boatman a can or two of Boat Cleaner Wipes with UV protection.

Use these cleaner wipes on vinyl, plastic, wood, glass, leather, and Gelcoat. Using cleaner wipes regularly helps prevent sun damage. The wipes leave behind a fresh scent and petroleum-free finish.

Help your favorite seafaring someone restore life to their boat's drab seats and consoles.

Tie It Up

"I have way too much rope!" said no boat owner ever. It seems like an extra line or two always comes in handy. These ropes are a great gift for men who boat.

Dock Lines

Everyone knows cheap line will snap on you, so don't skimp on this one. Get some good quality lines like Better Boat Premium Boat Care Dock Lines. This two-pack of durable nylon blend dock lines will definitely come in handy when docking up that boat.

No Fender Benders

Better Boat's Fender Lines are made from the same materials as their dock lines. They're also multifunctional. These Fender Lines are so strong; you can use them for securing boxes in your vehicle or pitching a camping tent.

Use the size chart on the back of the line packaging to help find the right size for your man.

Anchors Aweigh

Double braided 3/8in nylon anchor lines are oil, gas, and abrasion-resistant. This 100ft spool supports up to 27ft boats. Better Boat Boat Anchor Line supports anchors up to 15ft in freshwater or saltwater.

Cover It Up

Is your man's boat cover flapping in the wind? Give him the peace of mind that his goods are covered.

Check out Better Boat's double-stitched boat cover straps. These easy-to-adjust straps click into place. They also have quick-release buttons on either side for easy removal.

Be Prepared

A smart captain is prepared for any situation before he or she launches into the great wide open. Help your favorite boat owner do just that with one of these unique boat-themed gifts for men.

Go Up a Creek With This Paddle

A mini paddle is a must. Your man needs a way to move his boat if it breaks down in the open water.

It's best to get a two-pack because, let's face it, nobody wants to paddle alone. Better Boat's telescoping mini paddles are the perfect-sized stowaways for any boat.

Toot Your Own Horn

Don't let your man leave shore without an airhorn. These Better Boat Air Horns meet US Coast Guard requirements. These 3.5-inch cans can be heard from 1/2 mile away.

Every Boat Party Has a Pooper

"Ugh, guys...I gotta go..." Nobody wants to be the party pooper who makes the captain dock his boat in the middle of a good time. These portable bucket toilet seat sets are the perfect solution to the awkward problem.


Simply line any standard size five-gallon bucket with one of these biodegradable bags. Place the comfort seat on top of it, and you've got yourself a boat potty. All the contents you need (except the bucket) fit securely together in a zippered bag.

This truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Your seafaring sweetheart (and future sailors) will thank you for saving the day!

Get Better Boating Gifts for Men

George William Curtis said It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage. Boat-themed gifts for men allow them to skillfully sail their vessels.

Boating gifts for men aren't difficult to find. Captain clean freak is bound to enjoy all the waxing, wiping, and buffing supplies. Paddles, air horns, and boat potties are perfect for the ever-prepared voyager.

Better Boat has your favorite boat owner in mind. We stand by our quality products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are a family-owned American business that provides top-quality products.

We have just about everything you are looking for the boater in the family and if you prefer to shop on Amazon we have a store there as well. Click Here to shop our full catalog on our site or Click Here to Shop our Amazon Store.

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