What is a Ceramic Sealant?

What is a Ceramic Sealant?

Ceramic sealant is a fantastic investment for extending the life and looks of you vehicle. Whether you're driving a car, boat, or motorcycle you definitely want it to last and look good while doing so, and that's where ceramic sealant comes into play! While the price tag can be a little beyond what some people are willing to invest, we have some alternatives available so let's just right in!

What Is Ceramic Sealant?

Ceramic sealant, sometimes called ceramic coating is a polymer compound intended to protect your paint job from almost anything that can be thrown at it. Most regard it as an alternative to wax, and that's fairly accurate with one exception that we will get to. It is generally applied by hand and creates a bond with paint that protects and adds an amazing glossy look. As long as you observe proper preparation for ceramic sealant application.

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What Does Ceramic Sealant Do?

UV rays from the sun can cause oxidation that will fade paint and leave your vehicle looking drab, but ceramic sealant stands up to UV rays and keeps your paint job looking great! A dull coat of paint can take a vehicle from being the talk of the town to nothing but a laughing stock. Don't let it happen to you.

On top of protection from the sun, ceramic sealant will protect your paint from harsh chemicals. Since the bond is made between the ceramic sealant and the paint, any contaminant that wants to work its way through will have to get through the ceramic sealant first.

Ceramic sealant isn't a miracle worker. You will still need to clean the contaminant off the body of your car or hull of your boat to prevent the substance from reaching the actual paint job of your vehicle, but it does buy quite a lot of time to do so whenever it is most convenient for you. Speaking of...

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Care and Cleaning

Once a ceramic sealant is applied, it is surprisingly low maintenance. The hydrophobic nature of the polymer means that most liquids will roll right off. If you're contending with mud or grime of any sort, it can also be more easily dealt with due to the water repelling properties of ceramic sealant.

If you've ever hosed your vehicle down and let the water sit you might have noticed some hard water spots left behind and that then necessitates the use of a dry towel or chamois. Ceramic sealant will save you time and labor by rolling excess water right off of its surface.

Ceramic sealants that are applied properly can last up to two years, which is certainly worth the price given that they are properly applied. The ceramic sealant itself doesn't require much (if any) care and cleaning, and it will save you plenty of heartache when it comes to keeping your vehicle looking pristine.

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What Can't Ceramic Sealant Do?

As I stated earlier, ceramic sealant can't perform miracles. It can't stop a rock from chipping your paint job, or scratches from an overzealous scrub brush. Ceramic sealant doesn't function like a bulletproof vest. Your vehicle will be protected from chemical and atmospheric assaults, but it is completely up to you to prevent physical damage to your ceramic sealant and therefore your paint job.

Ceramic sealant also doesn't last forever. I mentioned that you'll need to apply ceramic coating once every two years or so, but some vehicles will need it much sooner than others. Always keep an eye on the state of your ceramic sealant coating. Even a small amount missing can lead to environmental pollutants settling in and making a new home in the pores of your paint job.

Get Added Value With Ceramic Sealant

Whether you are planning to sell your vehicle or not, ceramic sealant will absolutely add value. If you've been consistent in keeping sealant applied your paint should be looking gorgeous, and when paired with the gloss provided by ceramic sealant your car or boat will be a hot ticket item if and when the time comes to sell.

Even if you are absolutely without a doubt never planning to sell, extending the life of your vehicle falls directly into the category of 'added value'. Ceramic sealant won't protect your engine, but the less money I need to spend on touch-up jobs for my paint the better. If you let things get really terrible, a complete redo on your paint will cost many times what a ceramic sealant does. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes.

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DIY or Professional Application?

Recently, at-home do-it-yourself ceramic sealant kits have started to appear on the market. These kits cost about 1/10th of what a professional would charge but the quality will vary greatly depending on the company and the application process.

I'm always up to save a dollar here or there but experience has shown that these DIY ceramic sealant kits don't give a showroom quality shine. If all your concerned about is ease of cleaning and protection from the elements, they seem to do the job just fine.

Alternatives to Ceramic Sealants

Now, maybe you can't spring for a ceramic sealant right this moments. That's perfectly alright, because there are cost effective alternatives that can perform the same functions with a much lower price tag. This ceramic sealant hybrid spray will perform all the duties of a ceramic sealant without breaking the bank.

Even better than the pricing is that this ceramic sealant spray can actually be applied by spraying. Remember when I mentioned ceramic sealant being applied by hand? Well, this hybrid sealant can be applied to wax as a top-coat without ever needing to get your hands dirty!

The only advantage ceramic sealant has over our hybrid spray is in the frequency of application, but with it being so easy to apply there has never been a better time to take the leap and experience the wonders of a ceramic sealant hybrid for yourself. Your paint job and your pocket book will thank you.