7 States That Can Boat All Year Long

Where can you go boating in the USA all year long

Winter is a tough time for people who thrive on getting out on the water. It's certainly possible to do so in a large majority of US states but it takes preparation, puts additional wear and tear on your boat, and generally just isn't as much fun as a day spent under the sun.

We've compiled a list of the top seven states where you can boat all year long. Looking to escape the cold? These states welcome boating during the winter. 

Before you head anywhere, check out where to find some free nautical charts online.

Warm States That Can Boat All Year Long boating lake

I. Florida

It's no surprise to find Florida on this list. One of the most popular boating destinations and home of Better Boat! The activities here are about as endless as the number of boats and no matter what you choose to partake in, you'll be soaking up the sun and forgetting that winter is even a possibility.

There's nothing quite like the Florida boating scene. Such a large boating community means that not only will you escape the winter but you're sure to find a group that you relate to fairly easily. Florida is surely a place for fun and sun, but it's also a place for finding new friends!

2. California

Having grown up in California I found the boating scene to be a bit more exclusive. This means that making friends is more difficult, but the bonds you forge will be lifelong if you make your way into someone's inner circle.

Fishing is my favorite way to soak up the California sun, but there is every kind of water sport you can imagine out there. If you enjoy racing, then you might consider starting out and making a name for yourself in one of California's tournaments.

As with Florida, you're sure to keep fairly warm if you're sticking to the south. If you venture into northern waters things can get chilly, but not so much so that you'd need to winterize your boat.

3. Arizona

Ah, our first entry to only feature freshwater locations. If you want to experience some true freedom, then head here. Arizona has very little legislation. Did you know it's one of the only states where you're free to ride a motorcycle without a helmet? You can't buy that kind of self-determination.

Arizona is a fantastic state. The crown jewel, in my opinion, is Lake Havasu. This lake is one of the greatest fishing destinations in the southwest. You can certainly swim, rent a jet-ski, do some wake-boarding or get involved in basically anything else your heart desires.

But for me? Snagging my fishing pole and relaxing with some quality fishing is why I come here, and when you start reeling them in you'll never want to leave. My best friend now lives in Arizona for that exact reason.

Warm States That Can Boat All Year Long boating reservoir

4. Texas

A lot of things probably come to mind when you think of Texas. Oil rigging, longhorns, rootin-tootin cowboys riding through an arid desert. Well, that last point is largely fantasy these days except for the arid desert. I can't think of a better place to escape the cold. If you're wondering about the boating part of this equation, let's not forget that Texas has a gargantuan coastline.

If you're seeking a freshwater getaway there are plenty of reservoirs, such as Toledo Bend. There are even lakes scattered across the state. Whatever you're looking for, Texas is certainly big enough to contain it.

5. Alabama

Texas Longhorns are pretty good, but I know a lot of people that are Crimson Tide lifers. Much like Texas, Alabama has a nice mix of fresh and saltwater to pick from. Granted, Alabama has much less coastline than Texas, but if you're looking for an ocean adventure in Alabama, then head down to Gulf Shores and get your fix.

Freshwater boaters should head over to Lake Martin. With 44,000 acres of open water to explore you're sure to find something to hold your interest. Alabama isn't the first place I would think to go for a waterborne vacation, but the weather will beat the chill and there is plenty of adventure to be had here.

Warm States That Can Boat All Year Long lake driftwood

6. Mississippi

You know any state with an entire river named after it is going to have at least some water in it, right? Well, I wouldn't suggest swimming in or eating anything that comes out of the Mississippi but luckily there are plenty of other options.

Head to the Gulf for that swimming excursion, or hop on a riverboat and experience something that you'll be hard-pressed to find outside of Mississippi. There's a unique culture here and you'd do well to just hand yourself over to the experience.

The weather is a bit muggy for my tastes, but it sure beats freezing. Be sure to bring some hanging dehumidifier bags with you to prevent any mildew growth on your boat! If that advice is a bit late then our boat stain and mildew remover will set you right again.

7. Louisiana

Warm weather and an absolutely behemoth range of fun outdoorsy boating activities make Louisiana the last stop on our tour of US states where you can boat all year round. There's so much that's so uniquely Louisiana, you'll want to check this state out.

A huge series of interconnected waterways, bayous, sloughs, channels, islands and abundant wildlife means that there's absolutely something here for you to enjoy.